New Publication: Israel's Wealth Management Magazine & Advisors Sourcebook

By Dc Finance, PRNE
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Magazine to Provide Advice and Management Planning for Israel's High Net Worth Individuals and Family Office Managers

TEL AVIV, Israel, February 9, 2011 - DC Finance is proud to announce Family Wealth, Israel's first
magazine for high net worth individuals and family office managers. The
publication will cover wealth management, family businesses, and family
office issues and focus on the many sensitive issues facing this important
and growing segment of the population. The magazine's launch is timed to
coincide with the opening of Israel's Family Office and Wealth Management
Conference on March 30, 2011 in Tel Aviv.

Publisher Denny Chared reported, "Family Wealth will provide a literal
wealth of information and advice to Israel's high net population and be an
important source of information on the most significant issues facing the
country's wealthiest families. The publication's articles will focus on the
excitement and challenges of this segment coupled with a discrete yet
extensive guidebook to service providers - both local and international. As a
manual to local high-net families and individuals, the service providers
section will be a one-stop resource to engage its readers thus guaranteeing
it a long shelf life."

He continued, "Despite world-wide economic fluctuations, Israel's
affluent have continued to grow. As a young country, many of our wealthiest
families are now entering their third generation with all of its attendant
challenges. Newer money, mostly made during the last years in sales, exits
and IPOs in the hi-tech, financial and real estate sectors is seeking
best-management avenues and lastly, Israel's flexible tax regime is
attracting ultra high net individuals to relocate and transfer assets in the
country. All of these audiences need a forum for understanding the
non-monetary elements of wealth, establishing familial responsibilities and
nurturing effective long-term asset management. This magazine will be the
forum promoting these ideas."

Family Wealth will cover the following topics:

Wealth management - taxes, tax planning, inheritance, estates,
asset preservation, capital transfers, trusts, third generation related
issues, investments, and more relevant issues.

Family Office - interviews with single family offices in
Israel, Switzerland, UK and the US, articles and columns covering
developments in the Family Office world, private banking and its relationship
with Multi Family Offices and related topics.

Philanthropy - philanthropic methodology, the proper degree of
philanthropic investment, sector trends, social responsibility, community
donations and related topics.

Family Business Management - generational transfer, building
the next generation, dealing with crises and challenges in the business and
family, crisis management, a review of the world of family businesses in
Israel and other countries, interviews with families that manage prominent
businesses, plus more.

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