Rentabiliweb: Very Strong Annual Growth

By Rentabiliweb, PRNE
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Income Higher Than Forecasts: Up 38% to EUR 90 Million

BRUSSELS, February 9, 2011 - Rentabiliweb Group (ISIN BE0946620946 - Mnemo BIL) is
publishing income as of 31 December 2010 that is higher than expected and
ahead of the Group's development plan.

    In thousands of euros     Conso 2010  Conso 2009   Change    Pro forma*
                                                          %         2010
    Income                      90 041      65 444      +38%       95 561
    including audience
    monetization for third
    parties (B-to-B)            38 480      25 006      +54%       40 511
    including audience
    monetization for its
    own account (B-to-C)        51 561      40 438      +28%       55 050

    *the pro forma income includes the income of Clic Bien Etre, Edencast and
     Vidalia from 1 January to 31 December 2010

"With nearly EUR 100 million in pro forma income and three tactical
acquisitions that create value and were self-funded, Rentabiliweb clearly
took on a new dimension in 2010, as illustrated by its recent admission to
compartment B of Euronext," stated Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier, Chairman
of Rentabiliweb Group. "I remain convinced that growth is built upon strong
organic development and harmonious external development. We are going to
continue our strategy in line with this philosophy."

Strong acceleration of B-to-B activities (audience monetization for third

The B-to-B sphere was one of the Rentabiliweb Group's main challenges for
the 2010 financial year. The strategy chosen by the management involved
considerably strengthening these service activities, namely in the payment
arena, in order to place the company in the best possible position on the
deregulated payment market. This strategy proved successful. B-to-B
activities grew beyond the Group's expectations and at the end of 2010,
Rentabiliweb became the first specialized Internet payment establishment
accredited by Banque de France and the Autorite de Controle Prudentiel (ACP),
the French equivalent of the UK Financial Services Authority.

The monetization services activity (B-to-B) continued its buoyant growth
and in the final quarter of the year saw record growth of 74% to EUR 12.2
. The contribution of Vidalia, incorporated into the consolidated
accounts as of 1 October, reached just over EUR 1 million for 2010.

As every year, the final quarter was driven by a large number of
promotional campaigns and tools set up by or for our customers for the
year-end holiday season.

Micropayment activities capitalized on the appeal of anonymous, secure
means of payment, particularly suitable for digital industry professionals,
whether on Internet, mobile phones or social networks. This performance is
also the fruit of high-traffic sites for downloading digital content (music,
videos, games, add-ons, etc.). As well, the relative share of micropayment
within the B-to-B business is decreasing, helping, as anticipated, to improve
the mix with activities that have higher profit margins.

Telecom services, including interactive voice services and
Business-to-Machine technologies, strengthened by the recent acquisition of
Vidalia, have confirmed their potential in terms of growth and profits. They
enable the Group to offer a full range of optimized solutions for publishers
and online retailers that are leaders on their markets and extremely
demanding in terms of the reliability, security and availability of the
services. In recent months, the range of products has become significantly
more diverse with the new interface for creating SMS Premium games and
optimization of phone billing scenarios enabling our partners to create,
administrate and manage their games operations autonomously and to modify
their voice services instantly. The Group also provides incoming and outgoing
telephone services (after sales, order management and more) and company
telephone services for online merchant partners that are amongst the leaders
in Europe.

Business was also bolstered by the excellent results of the Group's
performance-based solutions. The e-mail and SMS loyalty programs and cash
back solutions such as and
thus saw double-digit growth over the year.

Thanks to the successful launch of Panel & Co, special operations at the
end of the year and the creation of a new merchant search engine, the site
considerably improved its navigation circuits and appreciably increased its
number of active members. Recent marketing and advertising investments and
the partnership agreement signed with the TF1 Group making Mailorama one of
the official sponsors of the Le Juste Prix ("The Price is Right") game show
in November also helped to boost the site's audience and number of sign-ups.
Traffic at the Mailorama site thus rose from 2.8 million unique visitors per
month in March 2010 to nearly 5 million at the end of December 2010. The
appeal of its solutions and the loyalty of its community of active online
shoppers were namely illustrated on social networks, such as

Finally, in 2010, a large number of merchants, namely the banking sector
and paid gaming industry, which until now had not been widely represented in
the program, chose Mailorama for the quality of its databases and its
performance-based approach.

Continued buoyant growth in B-to-C (audience monetization for its own

In 2010, in the B-to-C sphere, Rentabiliweb successfully led a twofold
strategy to enrich its range of entertainment products and consolidate its
expertise in distribution networks. In terms of content, the Group
organically developed several new products in the Family Games and Dating
sectors, while acquiring targeted content in the Women's, Well-Being, Humor
and Speed Dating arenas.

As for distribution networks, Rentabiliweb incorporated media broker
Edencast and strengthened its staff, namely in the areas of natural and paid
search engine optimization. Alongside this, in the second half of the year,
the Group also strengthened its relationships with its partners and
affiliates, namely via the launch of new promotional tools and mobile

The digital content publishing business (B-to-C), driven by the Dating,
Women's Well-Being and Family Games segments, showed 28% growth for the year,
climbing to EUR 51,561 K.

The contribution of Edencast, a performance-based advertising broker
specialized in paid search engine optimization, incorporated into the Group's
accounts on 1 July 2010, has met Rentabiliweb's forecasts, reaching just over
EUR 4 million in income. The drive to integrate staff and share know-how is
moving forward. Edencast has taken over monetization of a portion of the
customer base that was previously managed by other publishing subsidiaries
within the Group, namely in order to optimize promotional and advertising
investments. All of the French staff in the B-to-C sector was brought
together at the same facilities during 2010.

The building of a comprehensive package and full range of entertainment
sites, paired with constant control of traffic sources, helped stimulate
cross-sales between the various types of content within the portfolio. The
Group will step up this strategy in 2011 and wishes to make its range of
products even more complete, namely in the field of mainstream astrology.

The Group is to publish its yearly financial results on 31 March 2011
before Market Opens.

    Upcoming financial statements

    - Yearly financial results for 2010:     31/03/2011
    - Income for Q1 2011:                    05/05/2011
    - General meeting of shareholders        20/05/2011
    - Half-yearly results for 2011:          31/08/2011

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About Rentabiliweb

Founded in 2002, The Rentabiliweb Group offers Internet
professionals and webmasters the largest platform of website traffic
monetization services, namely payment and micropayment solutions. It also
runs affiliate programs, offers online advertising space brokerage and
interactive voice services for offline media and provides renowned expertise
in loyalty programs and Direct Marketing.

Rentabiliweb is also one of the premier French-language
publishers, with a package of services spanning the full range of mass-market
entertainment, from community services, family games and services for the
general public to recommendations for Internet users, personal ads, dating
services and more.

Listed on Compartment B of the Euronext Brussels and Paris
stock markets, the Group today has 17 subsidiaries in Europe, Canada and
Asia, employing over 170 staff members around the world. In 2009,
Rentabiliweb's sales topped EUR 65 million, with net profits of EUR 7.5

Rentabiliweb is also a socially responsible company in its sectors of
activity, strictly applying the ten principles laid out by the UN Global

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