Nijhuis Water Technology and Thecogas Biogastechniek Join Forces to Offer Leading AD Plant Technology

By Nijhuis Water Technology, PRNE
Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DINXPERLO, The Netherlands, June 23, 2011 -


The recent strategic merger of Nijhuis Water with Thecogas
Biogastechniek has expanded the services of the Netherlands -based
water specialist company, adding conversion of manure and organic
waste streams into biogas and energy to a comprehensive range of
purifying and recycling services for treating industrial
wastewater. From 1st May 201, Thecogas Biogastechniek became a
separate division of Nijhuis Water Technology, with the Thecogas
team based at the site in the Netherlands.

“We already have an excellent package of water-related services,”
explained director Frank Tillmann of Nijhuis Water Technology.
“Thanks to the knowledge and experience of Thecogas Biogastechniek,
we can now provide an even more complete service, with the accent
very much on sustainability. This is because it is no longer
necessary to discharge untreated or treated flows of waste solids
or wastewater. There are all kinds of ways of purifying water and
of extracting valuable components that can then be recycled, such
as ingredients for animal fodder, fuel and fertilizers. That’s good
for the environment and for the bank balance.”

Customised installations for biogas and energy creation

Tillmann added: “We are now in a position to build biogas
installations, providing smart customised solutions for both the
agricultural and industrial sectors, for example, the problem of a
surplus of nutrients from manure in the Netherlands. We believe
that with our experience of the industry we can extract valuable
substances from manure, such as nitrogen and phosphate, which are
highly suitable for recycling.”

Following the merger, every new biogas project involving
Thecogas Biogastechniek will be launched and implemented under the
Nijhuis Water Technology name.

New house style

This latest acquisition has been incorporated into the Nijhuis
Water Technology website and brochures, which have recently been
given a complete overhaul along with a new corporate slogan
Vision on Sustainability.

Nijhuis Water Technology in brief

Nijhuis Water Technology enjoys a worldwide reputation
as an innovative company that develops sustainable and
ised solutions in the field of water
purification, recycling and energy
recovery. As well
as its extensive knowledge of almost every industrial market,
Nijhuis has its own high-tech production facilities

Not for publication: For more information about Nijhuis Water Technology or the integration of Thecogas Biogastechniek: Jan Drost, telephone +31-315-655-46. A image can be downloaded at:, Username: Nijhuis, Password: Gast

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