BioNeutral Starts Commercial Deployment of Its Ygiene 206 Sterilant and Ogiene Products Within Port Authority Facilities Using T.U.C.S. Cleaning Services

By Bioneutral Group Inc., PRNE
Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NEWARK, New Jersey, June 23, 2011 -

BioNeutral Group Inc., (OTCBB: BONU.ob) today announced it has
initiated the marketing and sales distribution phase of their
revolutionary Cold Sterilant and Cleaning/Odor Products within the
State of New Jersey. BioNeutral was selected by New Jersey based
T.U.C.S. Cleaning Services Inc, a Northern New Jersey Janitorial
service and distribution company, because of the superior
effectiveness of BioNeutral’s technology. The application
of BioNeutral’s Ygiene 206 product is used to sterilize any
hard surface in only 20 minutes. Ygiene has also recently been
approved by the Port Authority as an authorized product for use in
the Port Authority of NY/NJ facilities. “These products will be a
key component in our every day campaign to consistently deliver
clean, green products on the cutting edge of superior technology,
in the interest of public safety.” Stated David Colin CEO of
T.U.C.S. who went on to say, “As a full service commercial cleaning
company, we maintain clients with very high profile locations,
where public health & safety is always a concern. Having Ygiene
206 in our arsenal of products to handle these needs gives our
clients the peace of mind to know we are using the safest yet most
effective antimicrobial products available.”

BioNeutral intends to commence delivery over the next several
weeks for use within the Port Authority airport facilities, bus
terminals, and other high risk public locations. Ygiene
formulations are non corrosive and can be used in close proximity
to electronics and high grade stainless steel components.

Stephen J. Browand, Chairman & CEO of BioNeutral Group Inc.
commented, “Our ongoing marketing efforts have started to pay off
and we are extremely pleased to form a new relationship with
T.U.C.S. Cleaning Services and to begin distribution of our game
changing products.” He went on to say, “This will serve as a
platform to educate and sell into the industry based on the proven
benefits offered by our superior line of products.  There are
so many opportunities afforded by this relationship to the high
risk, high traffic public locations of the tri-state area. Schools,
airports, hospitals, and food handling facilities should all be
penetrated by our innovative technology over time. The management
of T.U.C.S. clearly has taken a proactive stance when it comes to
public health and safety. It is certainly a good indicator in
advance of our official launch at the APIC exhibit & convention
in Baltimore, MD next week, June 26th through the 29th. “

About TUCS Cleaning Services

Since its inception in 1983 T.U.C.S. has become one of the most
progressive cleaning & maintenance companies in the Northeast.
Headquartered in Orange, New Jersey, T.U.C.S. has an experienced
and dedicated senior management team, supervisory staff, and
hundreds of service team members who are directly responsible for a
large & diverse client base. All staff members are employees of
T.U.C.S. and not independent contractors to ensure consistency in
the quality of services provided. Their client base includes; New
Jersey Transit, Ramapo College, Cushman & Wakefield, The Port
Authority of NY & NJ, Turner Construction, and both Domestic
& International Airlines to name a few.

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About BioNeutral Group, Inc.

Headquartered at the New Jersey Institute of Technology/EDC in
Newark, NJ, BioNeutral Group, Inc., is a specialty technology-based
life science company which has developed a technology platform that
neutralizes harmful environmental contaminants, toxins, and
dangerous micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi,
and spores. BioNeutral’s products, Ygiene® and Ogiene®, kill germs
and clean surfaces with a dramatic increase in speed and power over
their rivals in the marketplace. BioNeutral’s proprietary platform
technology has been proven effective in surface, water, and
airborne applications. Its antimicrobial line of products under the
Ygiene® brand have been approved by the EPA for sale in the United
, have previously been approved for sale in Germany, and are
also permitted for sale in the UK, France, and Sweden. AutoNeutral
is a registered trademark of BioNeutral Group, Inc. For more
information on BioNeutral, including a listing of the Company’s
products, leadership and background, please visit href="">

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Forward-Looking Statements

This release contains certain
“forward-looking statements” relating to the business of the
Company and its subsidiary companies. These forward-looking
statements are often identified by the use of forward-looking
terminology such as “believes,” “expects” or similar expressions.
Such forward looking statements involve known and unknown risks and
uncertainties that may cause actual results to be materially
different from those described herein as anticipated, believed,
estimated or expected. Investors should not place undue reliance on
these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date
of this press release. The company’s actual results could differ
materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking
statements as a result of a variety of factors, including those
described in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange
Commission. BioNeutral routinely tests its formulations against
those of its competitors. The results are published to let
shareholders know how the Company’s technology compares with known
formulations in the market place. Any product claim for
antimicrobial activity requires approval from the EPA or FDA,
depending upon where and how the formulations are used. The EPA has
approved and registered the Company’s data and findings specific to
Ygiene®-206. BioNeutral’s antimicrobial formulations will be
marketed under the brand name Ygiene® and are now available for
sale in the United States.

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