Novel Flavonoid Compounds That Significantly Reduce Cancer Cell Growth Are Available For Further Research and Development as Anti-Cancer Therapeutics

By Heartlink Limited, PRNE
Monday, August 15, 2011

PERTH, Australia, August 16, 2011 -

Australian based Heartlink Limited is developing proprietary synthetic compounds based on the isoflavone structure that have demonstrated anti-cancer efficacy in both laboratory and animal studies at low dosage levels. Compounds tested to date show low levels of toxicity vs normal mammalian cells.

The initial in-vitro drug screen study revealed activity of the selected compounds against a panel of nine human cancer cell lines using a standard cell proliferation assay procedure. The affirmative results demonstrated dramatic anti-proliferative and cytotoxic effects against a range of tumour cell lines (with the highest activity against prostate and cervical cancer) following treatment with three of the Company’s proprietary compounds.

A subsequent in-vivo study designed to test the effectiveness of two test compounds against tumours also had a positive outcome. Compounds were tested for their anti-cancer activity at a range of doses in a mouse model employing human prostate cancer cells. Results showed a substantial 42% reduction in tumour growth relative to controls after 14 days of treatment at low dosage levels(10 mg/kg).

Isoflavonoids are known to have anti-cancer activity particularly in hormone-based cancers such as ovarian, breast and prostate. Heartlink has identified, evaluated and patented a family of isoflavone related compounds. The patents cover a wide range of therapeutic uses and details the specific pathways for production and manufacture alongside potential formulations for therapeutic use.

According to Heartlink CEO, Tracey-Anne Dickens, “Research activities to-date have provided valuable pre-clinical data for the development of this family of isoflavonoid compounds that could prove a useful source for the development of anti-cancer medicines. Data collected provides a basis on which to further develop the proprietary compounds and as such, we are actively seeking alliances for research and development or commercialisation.”

About Heartlink Limited

The Company was incorporated in January 2000. The Company has funded clinical research and product development and now has a second-generation medical device that can be used for research and development applications. Heartlink is also a drug discovery Company and has identified and patented anti-cancer compounds derived from isoflavonoid compounds. Pre-clinical studies on the Company’s proprietary compounds have demonstrated significant activity that provides a basis for further evaluation of these novel anti-cancer therapeutics.

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