Nucletron Showcases Five Innovations in Cancer Treatment at ESTRO

By Nucletron, PRNE
Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Product Innovation Underscores Commitment to Radiotherapy and Global Market Leadership in brachytherapy

VEENENDAAL, the Netherlands, May 4, 2011 - Nucletron, a leading provider of state-of-the-art radiotherapy solutions
for cancer treatment will feature five new innovations at the ESTRO
Anniversary Congress, May 8-11 in London, all designed to meet the growing
interest and need to more effectively treat a wide variety of cancers. In
addition, as one of the first industry partners with the organization,
Nucletron will be celebrating its long collaboration with ESTRO on its 30th

"2011 is the Year of Radiotherapy in the UK, and there is no better
location than London for ESTRO to hold this year's meeting and commemorate
its 30th anniversary. Nucletron is proud of our long term partnership with
ESTRO, and we're looking forward to working with the organization and its
members to further advance the important role of radiotherapy, in particular
brachytherapy, in the multimodality treatment of cancer," said Jos Lamers,
CEO of Nucletron. "Our commitment to product innovation, professional
education, and raising awareness of the benefits of brachytherapy - all aimed
at ensuring patient access to quality cancer care - will highlight
Nucletron's presence at this year's meeting," he added.

Nucletron will feature five innovative products and solutions at this
year's meeting, all of which were developed with the needs of the modern
radiotherapy department for speed, efficiency, accuracy and quality in mind.
Awareness of brachytherapy will also receive special attention, with the
presentation of a range of awareness and educational materials.

The Vaginal CT/MR Multi Channel Applicator (VCMC) is the first Precise
Dose Delivery Solution (PDDS(TM)) for treating gynecologic cancers. The VCMC
features a unique design of multiple channels which are curved in the tip of
the applicator, and which can be loaded selectively. This provides accurate
precision and dose direction, bringing dosimetry measurably closer to the
vaginal wall. The VCMC is easy to assemble, clean & sterilize, thus providing
economical treatment and optimized day-to-day utilization. This new addition
to Nucletron's range of innovative applicators allows healthcare providers to
tackle more complex or advanced endometrial and other gynecological cancers.
The recent PORTEC (Postoperative Radiation Therapy for Endometrial Carcinoma)
2 study highlighted the benefits of vaginal brachytherapy versus external
beam radiotherapy, in particular significantly lower toxicity and superior
QOL outcomes. Delivering the dose where it is most needed, a key aspect of
brachytherapy in sparing healthy tissue and reducing treatment toxicity,
makes this unique CT/MR-compatible applicator a logical solution in response
to the demands of modern gynecologic radiotherapy.

Nucletron's Prostate Solutions represent a seamless, all-in-one solution
that addresses clinical needs, whether these call for low dose rate (LDR or
"seeds"), High Dose Rate (HDR) or both. This all-in-one solution is the only
one to cover both HDR & LDR in one software configuration. It combines
dynamic treatment planning and delivery with advanced robotic accuracy,
thereby improving clinical outcomes in patients undergoing prostate
brachytherapy. Built around the latest state-of-the-art Oncentra(R) software,
each solution integrates ultrasound technology allowing optimal control over
the treatment process. Nucletron's advanced Robotic Seed Delivery technology
guarantees reliable, reproducible and precise treatment. The unique
combination of dynamic treatment planning and delivery with advanced robotic
accuracy helps health care professionals improve clinical outcomes in
patients undergoing prostate brachytherapy.

Nucletron will also be showcasing the latest version of its brachytherapy
treatment planning solution Oncentra (R) Brachy. Developed with the needs of
the busy radiotherapy department in mind and with a focus on shortening
workflows, it combines up to 50% reduction in planning times with exemplary
treatment planning accuracy. Key components of Oncentra Brachy 4.0 are
library plans and GYN applicator models, the first in a series of applicator
models. The ability to automatically reconstruct exact applicator geometry
from a 3D library eliminates the uncertainty of individual interpretation and
assures placement precision. Furthermore, the new libraries and automatic
reconstruction can dramatically reduce the time needed for planning, without
compromising on quality. This latest edition of Nucletron's advanced
brachytherapy software also addresses the call for reproducibility,
leveraging applicator models and library plans to ensure consistency, be it
between fractions or between users.

Nucletron's commitment to external beam treatment planning will also be
very much on show, with two leading edge solutions.

The first, the latest release of Oncentra External Beam, intelligently
automates routine planning tasks and increases patient throughput. Speed is
very much of the essence with the premier of Oncentra's GPU technology which
dramatically speeds up dose calculation, reducing complex calculation times
from hours to minutes for enhanced dose algorithms. Users of Oncentra
External Beam 4.0 can now routinely have collapsed cone accuracy, in pencil
beam times, and creating a 3D plan can take as little as 15 seconds. Oncentra
connects to all treatment delivery systems. Its modular planning environment
allows it to be used with a department's linear accelerator of choice and
still benefit from the latest in planning tools and technology offered in
this new version.

The second, Velocity, brings the best of modern radiotherapy - multiple
modality, dose summation and adaptive planning - directly to the radiotherapy
department. This innovative solution allows users to turn the sheer volume of
data and complexity of today's radiotherapy directly to their advantage. A
unique range of integration tools provides the ability to combine images from
multiple modalities, integrate dose summation regardless of source, and apply
adaptive contouring across multiple datasets with both accuracy and speed.
Velocity eliminates repetitive and time-consuming segmentation tasks by
leveraging proprietary anatomy atlases, significantly decreasing treatment
planning time and complexity. This new solution provides the user with the
full "patient" picture and the advantage of an accelerated workflow.

To learn more about these new innovations in precision cancer treatment,
visit Nucletron during the ESTRO Anniversary Conference at booth 110.

Also, Nucletron will be hosting a brachytherapy awareness booth, numbered
490. As part of its commitment to radiotherapy, and brachytherapy in
particular, Nucletron has developed a range of support materials for use with
decision makers, health care professionals and patients. Both print and
on-line resources have been designed to help professionals communicate key
information about brachytherapy. Visit for
additional information.

About Nucletron

Nucletron provides state of the art radiotherapy solutions for cancer
treatment that meet the evolving needs of patients, their caregivers and
healthcare professionals around the world. Nucletron has unmatched global
leadership in brachytherapy, a very precise, highly effective and
well-tolerated treatment option for healthcare providers, tailored to the
needs of individual patients. We work with clinical teams to constantly
improve and develop an innovative portfolio of integrated products, software
and services that assures excellent patient outcomes. Headquartered in
Veenendaal, The Netherlands, Nucletron employs more than 500 employees, with
offices in 18 countries, and products available in more than 100 countries
around the world. Please visit to learn more about
our healthcare solutions.

About Brachytherapy

Brachytherapy is a high-precision radiation therapy in which the
radiation source used to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors is placed in or
close to the tumor itself. Brachytherapy offers a precise, highly effective
and well-tolerated treatment option tailored to the needs of individual
patients. Using brachytherapy, healthcare providers can deliver a high
radiation dose to the specific target area, minimizing exposure to nearby,
healthy body tissues and organs. By treating cancer "from the inside-out" the
risk of side effects is reduced, and treatment times are shorter. Find out
more about brachytherapy at

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