"An Application That Automatically Displays My Picture on My Friends' Phones"

By Mirdor Co. Ltd., PRNE
Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SEOUL, South Korea, May 4, 2011 - Introducing "itsMe," a smartphone application that automatically displays
your picture onto your friends' phones when you call them.

Decorate your display picture with stickers and text!

itsMe is a free iPhone application that automatically displays users'
pictures onto their friends' smartphones. It launched in application stores
worldwide on April 19th. This application allows users to automatically store
a picture of their choice into their friends' address books so that it shows
up every time they call them!

Users can decorate their pictures with stickers and text to express their
mood, status, or simply show off their personality! You can also create
different pictures to display on different contacts' phones, including
significant others, family members, and coworkers!

itsMe also easy to use! Users simply register their name and phone number
to get started! Once you've decorated your picture, all you need to do is
send it to your friends!

Once your picture is sent through the "PUSH" function, it will be saved
in the recipient's phone so that it is displayed each time you call.

Users can even use itsMe to save pictures into their own contact list. It
can be difficult to browse through hundreds of contacts with just names and
numbers. itsMe allows its users to add detailed memos onto their own
contacts' pictures, proving to be a useful application for even businessmen
with lots of contacts.

itsMe works all iPhones worldwide. itsMe supports iOS 3.1.3 through 4.3.

itsMe supports 4 languages, Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese.

The developers of itsMe are also working toward expanding into the
Android user market as well as a social networking service between all itsMe

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              Mirdor Co., Ltd.


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