OCS Announces UK Patent Grants for Intelligent Network Management and Optimization

By Optimum Communications Services Inc., PRNE
Sunday, November 6, 2011

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey, November 7, 2011 -

Optimum Communications Services, Inc. (OCS) has recently been granted three UK patents for its innovations enabling end-to-end automated communications network management and realtime network connection capacity optimization.

The UK patents in question include:

  • GB2456718 for network data throughput maximization through network bandwidth allocation optimization based on connection data byte load variations;
  • GB2456719 for transparent network and service management techniques, based on automated production of network element configuration files based on network service contract entries; and
  • GB2456470 for transparent network monitoring systems with intelligent alarm summarization and automated root defect resolution techniques.

OCS has issued and pending patents for inventions per above also in additional jurisdictions around the world.

Collectively, OCS’ innovations covered by these recently granted UK patents enable a new class of self-operating and self-optimizing communications network and information technology systems. For instance, the management techniques per GB2456719 and GB2456470 are particularly effective for configuring and monitoring intelligent network elements, such as those per GB2456718 and its corresponding US patent 7986713, as well as related US patents 7558260, 7349414, 7333511 and 7254138.

Together, these architectural and algorithmic innovations streamline network systems across the management, control and data planes and deliver a new standard of performance, security and overall cost-efficiency for communications and IT infrastructure of the future.

“The protection of OCS’ cornerstone inventions also in the UK substantially expands the company’s intellectual property based advantage,” remarked OCS’ Chief Strategy Officer Mark Sandstrom. “OCS is committed to continued innovation and bringing the arising business benefits to our customers and stakeholders.”


Mark Sandstrom of Optimum Communications Services, Inc., info at ocsipholding.com

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