Oil & Gas Contract Experts Gathering at IQPC’s 9th Annual Contract Risk Management Summit

By Iqpc, PRNE
Monday, December 5, 2011

LONDON, December 6, 2011 -

With contract risk management moving further up on of everyone’s agenda, contract professionals within the oil and gas industry will be gathering for the Advanced Contract Risk Management for Oil & Gas Summit in Aberdeen next week, to better understand the challenges faced by organisations in the post-Macondo world.

The 9th annual Summit takes place 13th - 14th December in Aberdeen and brings together leading professionals to discuss current and key issues involved in managing contracts effectively.

“This year’s event has seen an unprecedented interest from attendees” says Luke Treacy, event director for the 9th Annual Advanced Contract Risk Management Summit. “In the last year we have seen a period of significant economic and political upheaval which has served to heighten the focus on contract risk management that was prompted by the Macondo blow out and subsequent oil disaster that started over a year ago.”

The conference will provide in-depth presentations, unique analysis and will deliver critical insights into topics such as:

  • Contract risk indemnity - explore the various aspects of indemnity clauses that you must consider during your contract drafting in order to negotiate the best protection for your organisation
  • Risk management in the post-Macondo era - assess the best course of action for your organisation and uncover the contractual ‘must knows’ in order to minimise risk and reputational damage  
  • Environmental and pollution concerns - discover the latest issues regarding environmental and pollution liability and examine what issues your organisation needs to consider when negotiating environmental clauses to in order to
  • Compliance and anti-corruption - gain an understanding of the latest UK Bribery Act breaches by developing a best-in-class due diligence procedures

For more information about speakers and the agenda, please visit: www.contractriskmanagement.com/news.  

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