Open Market Option Offers the "Best Annuity Rates"

By Annuity Supermarket Ltd, PRNE
Sunday, January 9, 2011

READING, England, January 10, 2011 - Retirement finance experts at Annuity Supermarket believe that too many
retirees are still missing out on the best annuity rates ( as a result of failing to use their Open
Market Option.

Independent Financial Advisor, Jennie Gray, believes that pensions
providers have a responsibility to make retirees aware, commenting;

"While pensions providers now have to include information about the Open
Market Option to retirees, in some cases the mention of it is hidden away
amongst pages and pages of information in an annuities information pack.
Pensions providers are obviously keen for retirees to take their own options,
but what many retirees do not realise is that they could get far better rates
by shopping around."

Despite the fact that the Open Market Option enables those purchasing an
annuity to compare the best rates on the market from all providers, as many
at 65% of retirees fail to take advantage. Jennie hopes that increased media
coverage of Open Market annuities will change this, adding;

"We're gradually beginning to see more coverage of the Open Market Option
in the media and this should certainly increase awareness. We really hope
this leads to more people at least looking into their other options before
making any decisions."

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