Optical Express Sports Vision Clinic Opens on the High Street

By Optical Express, PRNE
Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Revolutionary Sports Enhancement Clinic Launches in Glasgow

GLASGOW, Scotland, January 24, 2011 - On Thursday 20 January 2011 Optical Express opened their flagship
Sports Vision clinic
(uk.opticalexpress.com/eyecare/sports-vision.html) in Renfield Street,
Glasgow City Centre giving everyone the chance to improve their sporting
skills and increase awareness of sports specific eye care

Olympic Gold Medalist 1980 and 1984 and 4-time world record holder,
decathlete Daley Thompson CBE: "As an athlete I am very aware of the
importance of looking after your eyes and having regular eye checks. Perfect
vision is a key tool of our profession and I can't overemphasise the
importance for all age groups to look after their eyes."

Sports Vision has been an important aspect in the training and
development of top athletic and sporting professionals for a number of years
and has been designed to maximise their performance, enhance their comfort
and ensure their sporting activity is both safe and enjoyable.

Separate to elite athletes, over 5.2 million UK adults have membership of
a private gym and it is for them, sporting teams and clubs that Optical
Express has opened the Sports Vision Clinic.

The Optical Express Sports Vision Clinic offers informed advice and
appropriate eye care correction options based on an individual's requirements
- the most comprehensive Sports Vision service currently available in the UK.
The clinic, run by specially trained Sports Vision optometrists, will have a
Sports Vision Trainer (SVT) and Bassin Anticipation Timer (BAT) machines that
everyone can use to measure and improve their coordination and awareness.

Colin Moulson, a qualified Sports Vision optometrist at Optical Express,
explained: "Many people don't realise there is a separate eye examination
available that is specific to sports, nor that following a simple eye
training programme can help improve their coordination and visual awareness.
Sport is serious business these days, not only for seasoned professionals
aiming to reach the top of their game, but for the growing population that
are choosing to improve their health and well being through a more active
lifestyle. Sport is a leading cause of eye injury, so it is essential to keep
our eyes protected."

Frank Dick, British Athletics Team Coach through its Golden Years and now
Chair of Scottish Athletics, continues to guide and influence athletes and
coaches internationally at the elite end of sports. He comments: "Your first
responsibility is for your personal performance excellence. That means being
the best that you are capable of becoming: And not just once in a while, but
persistently! Your second responsibility is for taking ownership of your
preparation and development to make that performance happen. To achieve and
maintain the competitive edge that this demands means taking nothing for
granted when looking at every aspect of your health, fitness and general well
being. Nothing can be overlooked and especially not something so fundamental
as good eye health care. That kind of oversight can be costly, whatever your
arenas in life. So I bring in the best expertise to deal with that. I mean,
if you want to be the best, you must have the best people working to make you
so. In my world, that means the very best! I am delighted, then, at this
Optical Express initiative. The Sports Vision Clinic concept is absolutely on
the button and ground breaking in designing and delivering a dedicated eye
care service for the sport community. I believe it will give the competitive
edge to those who want it enough. Sports enthusiasts at all levels need to
understand the importance of regular eye checks to ensure their best possible

Optical Express will offer a full range of Sports Vision services;
assessment, correction, enhancement and protection. All sports eyewear meets
exacting standards for fit and protection to maintain healthy eyes and
provide piece of mind while competing or participating in sporting activity.

As well as a specialist Sports Vision Clinic
(uk.opticalexpress.com/eyecare/sports-vision.html), Optical Express
has a broad optical retail offering and customers at the Glasgow City Centre
clinic can also receive free laser eye surgery suitability consultations.

Scottish rugby star Graeme Morrison has been training with Optical
Express (uk.opticalexpress.com/) and comments: "The key to my success
on the field is the ability to react fast to win and retain possession of the
ball. Rugby is about as physically demanding as it gets, and requires
excellent conditioning, quick reactions, and strong hand/eye coordination to
be able to break through opposition lines and pass the ball accurately. As an
athlete it is important to stay on top of your game and Sports Vision
training at Optical Express is an innovative way to maintain a competitive
edge over your rival by focusing on one muscle that is ignored during
traditional training methods."

Retief Goosen is a two time Major golf champion and one of the best
golfers of his generation: "I played for years with contact lenses and while
they were sufficient, they weren't always ideal. If it was a windy day or a
piece of dust got in the way, advantage would swing towards my opponent. As a
sportsman, great vision is one of the best competitive advantages you can
have. Laser eye surgery has given me back that edge where I can gauge the
slope of the green and measure distance better than ever, a real boost to my

Note to Editors

Optical Express is one of the UK's leading eye care specialists, with
over 200 locations nationwide staffed by professional opticians with access
to all the latest technological developments. The fully trained opticians
carry out thousands of comprehensive eye tests each week, providing patients
with the ideal solution.

Optical Express is the world's leading refractive surgery provider with
its surgeons having carried out more than 700,000 laser eye surgery
procedures and performing more than 6 out of every 10 refractive procedures
in the UK. The company employs over 3000 people, utilising over 50
ophthalmologists and 250 optometrists across more than 220 locations
throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Croatia, France, Germany, the
and the United States.

Prices for Sports Vision Clinic consultations and eye training programs
are available on application. Please contact Optical Express, 28-36 Renfield
Street, Glasgow on 0800-023-20-20.

Images featuring Scottish rugby star Graeme Morrison using the equipment
are available.


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For further information, please contact: Lindsay Taylor, Marketing & Communications, Optical Express, t: +44(0)1236-795-186, f: +44(0)1236-795-026, e: lindsaytaylor at opticalexpress.com

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