Optical Express Reveals Ambassador Programme Yielding Impressive Returns

By Optical Express, PRNE
Thursday, July 22, 2010

GLASGOW, Scotland, July 23, 2010 - Optical Express has revealed that six months after the initial launch of
the Ambassador Referral Programme, the programme directors are reporting
consistently high figures across the UK and Ireland.

"Since January, we've paid out over GBP300,000 in rewards, which is
phenomenal for a brand new initiative," Joanna Patterson, head of the
programme, said. "In addition, our patients have chosen to give their friends
and relatives over GBP1 million in discounts. These are substantial numbers."

The programme is open to all laser eye surgery (
uk.opticalexpress.com/laser-eye-surgery.html) and intraocular lens
(uk.opticalexpress.com/intraocular-lenses.html) patients of Optical
Express. It rewards patients for their referrals, but differs from
traditional referral schemes in that patients are given the option of how
they would like to distribute their rewards, valued at hundreds of pounds.
They can opt to keep the full reward themselves, give it to their friends or
family members, or split the reward in half.

The booking figures have been very encouraging so far, according to
Patterson: "Thousands of patients have booked surgery as a result of the
programme, and we have seen significant numbers of referrers choosing each of
the three options," she said. "This indicates that our patients are embracing
the full range of choices that we're offering them."

The programme has also expanded beyond its original scope geographically.
Optical Express successfully launched the initiative in Holland this past
March and Germany in early June.

The Ambassador Referral programme (
does not appear to be losing steam as patients look beyond their close
friends and immediate family members for individuals to share their
excitement - and vouchers - with.

"The numbers are staying consistently strong, and even patients who have
referred 10 or 12 individuals are calling to enquire about when the next set
of vouchers will be sent out," Patterson said. "We have found that patients
aren't just referring their siblings and spouses - they're speaking with
colleagues, in-laws, and even casual acquaintances. It seems that when
patients really take the time to tap into their networks, they find a
surprising number of people that they can reach out to."

Optical Express offers free laser eye surgery consultations, with over
100 locations across the UK and Europe offering pre and post-operative care.
Treatment starts from just GBP395 per eye.

About Optical Express:

Optical Express is the world's leading refractive surgery provider with
its surgeons having carried out more than 700,000 laser eye surgery
procedures and performing more than 6 out of every 10 refractive procedures
in the UK. The company employs over 3000 people, utilising over 50
ophthalmologists and 250 optometrists across more than 220 locations
throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Croatia, France, Optical Express
Germany (de.opticalexpress.com/), the Netherlands and the United

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