New Book From PA Consulting Group Highlights Benefits of ‘Sourcing in an Economic Downturn’

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, September 8, 2009


- PA Consulting Group Book Provides HR Sourcing Strategy and Finance Sourcing Strategy Advice and Guidance to Businesses on How to Survive and Thrive With Shared Services and Outsourcing

PA Consulting Group (PA) an independent, employee-owned, global firm of management, IT and technology consultants, has launched a second new book in the series - Surviving and thriving in the economic crisis. The new book ‘The Sourcing Opportunity’, written by Tim Palmer, PA Consulting Group’s lead in HR Transformation and Simon Tennant, Head of PA’s Shared Services consulting. It provides clear insights on HR sourcing strategy and Finance sourcing strategy to those wishing to take advantage of the opportunities that sourcing provides in the current market environment

Expanding on some of the key themes explored in the first book in the series by Head of PA’s Strategy and Marketing Practice, Mark Thomas, ‘A handbook for Corporate Leaders’ and using insights from PA’s recent International IT Outsourcing Survey 2009, the new book offers key insights into the sourcing process through: securing liquidity, adjusting the business mix, improving performance and, finally, taking bold steps to secure the future. The authors believe that these four key steps should be built into any HR sourcing strategy and/or Finance sourcing strategy development, to drive the intent of the relationship and ensure that objectives are mutually agreed and achieved.

Palmer and Tennant argue that the key requirement for any HR sourcing strategy and/or Finance sourcing strategy is flexibility, and that any new sourcing activity should be constructed with this as a central objective. They go on to argue that the prevailing wisdom of the industry might be wrong when it comes to some key outsourcing questions, including: Which outsourcing services deliver the best return? What is the best shape for a commercial deal? And, is it better to work with a single service provider or multiple service providers?

Tim Palmer comments, “The current global economy presents the chance for sourcing techniques to prove their worth, by creating and realising value through a reduction in costs, increased performance and the provision of flexibility. Yet there remain formidable obstacles that need to be navigated if organisations and individuals are to take full advantage of the opportunities presented to them.”

Palmer continues, “Despite these obstacles, we believe that the current economic environment provides a significant opportunity for almost every organisation. Therefore it’s also a personal opportunity for every sourcing leader and professional - many people will define their careers helping their organisations respond innovatively to sourcing issues over the coming months.”

The book, ‘Surviving and thriving in the economic crisis: The sourcing opportunity’, is available free of charge. Business managers and directors simply need to request a copy of the book via where comments can also be offered and topics within the book can be discussed in greater depth. Alternatively, please call +44-207-333-5923 to speak directly with a member of the team.

PA is also holding a breakfast seminar to discuss this topic further on Thursday, 24 September in London. To reserve a place at the event please call Hannah Cash on +44-207-333-5923.

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For further information, please contact: Will Gardiner, itpr, +44-1932-578-800

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