PA Consulting Group Offers Free Ideas for Implementing Successful Sourcing

By Pa Consulting Group, PRNE
Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PA Consulting Group Invites CXOs to Submit any Shared Services and Outsourcing Question to Receive an Original and Useful Answer Within 72 hours* on Cost Cutting, Outsourcing and Innovative Shared Services

LONDON, May 13, 2010 - PA Consulting Group (PA), the international management, systems and
technology consultancy, is offering free innovative shared services
( and
outsourcing (sourcing) insights and ideas to leading global companies.

Under a new initiative launched today, called "ASK:PA", C-level
executives in top tier companies are invited to submit any question on
implementing successful sourcing ( to PA
and we will provide an opinion within 72 hours*.

By drawing on the resources and experience of over 250 sourcing experts,
PA is able to provide insights relevant to the industry sector, geography and
vertical market, responding directly to the query posed, within 72 hours*.

Jonathan Cooper-Bagnall, Global Head of Sourcing at PA, comments, "In
many sourcing agreements, innovation is merely paid lip-service and contracts
and 'solutions' are created based upon well-worn and largely inappropriate
templates. This new initiative is designed to show how, in contrast, PA
thinks differently about sourcing. We have the breadth and depth of global
resources to be able to treat each situation on its own merits, providing
advice that seeks to ensure real value is delivered."

Cooper-Bagnall continues, "Guiding an organisation to a cost cutting and
outsourcing ( answer
where GBP50million is saved solely through squeezing suppliers is not
providing value, especially as the damaged relationships are likely to result
in the deal collapsing in the future. Instead, by considering which element
of sourcing is the best fit - be it insourcing, outsourcing, shared services
or managed services, or any combination of these - and then implementing the
strategy rapidly, PA believes that real value can be delivered. Our
independence and experience in implementing successful sourcing and
innovative shared services allows us to provide objective cost cutting and
outsourcing advice that is truly in the best interests of our clients."

Those with a question on innovative shared services, implementing
successful sourcing or cost cutting and outsourcing are invited to submit
their query through the PA website via and will
receive a response within 72 hours*.

72 Hours* = 3 working days from the time confirmation of receipt is sent

About PA Consulting Group

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