Picochip Technology Powers LTE Femtocell from Airspan at #MWC11

By Picochip, PRNE
Sunday, February 13, 2011

BARCELONA, Spain and BATH, England, February 14, 2011 - Mobile World Congress - Picochip has today announced that its
picoArray(TM) technology has been selected to implement LTE and other
wireless processing in Airspan's new multi-standard 'small cell' basestation,
the AirSynergy. Designed to deliver high-performance data capacity to densely
populated urban hotspots, AirSynergy is easy to deploy in metropolitan areas
on buildings, strand-mounted from utility poles or on lamp posts.

Picochip provided Airspan with proven, robust processing power that
allowed it to develop the innovative AirSynergy wireless broadband solution,
which supports multiple standards including LTE, and includes integrated
wireless backhaul. AirSynergy uses the same picoArray technology that has
helped win Picochip a Finalist's place in the 2011 GSMA Technology Awards,
for its PC960x LTE femtocell solution.

Picochip recently made the first announcement of end-to-end
interoperability between an LTE femtocell and commercially available user
equipment (UEs), in partnership with Wavesat and Continuous Computing. This
major step forward will be demonstrated for the first time in public at MWC11
at Picochip's stand (1D56), where the AirSynergy basestation will also be on
show. AirSynergy can also be seen at Airspan's stand (1B56).

Airspan is a leader in 4G broadband wireless solutions. The new
AirSynergy system is designed for deployment at "non-telco" locations such as
city centers and business districts. With a small form factor and embedded
wireless backhaul/relay through Airspan's iBridge system, AirSynergy is ideal
for rapid and cost-effective deployment in sites where traditional base
stations cannot deliver the capacity required.

"LTE carriers need to fill service gaps in their networks with small cell
base stations, such as AirSynergy, to deliver the promised download speeds
and capacity to their customers. Picochip is helping us to make this
possible," said Paul Senior, CTO, Airspan. "We needed a cost-effective
solution with low power consumption and high RF performance; Picochip, as a
leading technology supplier for small cells, was the obvious choice."

"This year will see the femtocell market expand from its foundations in
residential applications, to include metropolitan and rural deployment, in 3G
and LTE," said Nigel Toon, CEO of Picochip. "Airspan's selection of Picochip
for LTE is a strong validation of our leadership and a continuation of our
long standing relationship. For LTE to deliver its potential, the network
must be optimized around high performance small cells, with a dense
deployment of cost-effective solutions like AirSynergy."

The deployment of LTE depends upon small-cells, which deliver targeted
capacity and coverage to the metropolitan and rural areas that need it the
most. Deploying small cells is also far more cost effective than traditional
macro cell approaches; thanks to the high levels of processing power
delivered by Picochip's devices this is possible in a small form factor.

Picochip is leading the way in small cell LTE technology. At the end of
last year the company announced its PC500 solution, a highly integrated and
cost effective LTE baseband processor that is code-compatible with the
multi-award-winning PC960x uTCA-based small cell LTE system.

Combining Picochip's field-proven OFDMA expertise with its leadership in
cost-optimized small-cell architecture, the PC500 provides a low-risk
platform for carrier-class enterprise and metro femtocell products. All of
Picochip's LTE solutions support both FDD and TDD modes of operation, a wide
range of industry standard frequency bands and can support LTE/HSPA dual

Airspan's AirSynergy is based on Airspan's 4th Generation of SDR baseband
processing technology and is the result of an ongoing partnership with

At Mobile World Congress 2011 Picochip is also demonstrating its
femtocell industry leadership by showing 25 customer products based on
picoXcell(TM) and picoArray(TM) technology. These include a number of
products for residential and enterprise use and operator branded products.
Also on show for the first time will be the PC3008, Picochip's advanced HSPA+
solution that enables basestations in ultra-small form factors such as USB

Also at the show there will be a number of short presentations on
Picochip's stand, 1D56.

    Mon 14 Feb
    2pm     The CTO's espresso guide to SON
    4pm     Small cells: enterprise, metro & rural femtocells for 3G

    Tues 15 Feb
    11am    LTE metro femtocells
    1pm     Residential femtocells: cost-optimized & high-volume
    3pm     Developing LTE systems with Picochip
    5pm     The CTO's espresso guide to SON

    Wed 16 Feb
    11am    Residential femtocells: cost-optimized & high-volume
    1pm     Making multi-mode a reality: HSPA + LTE
    3pm     Small cells: enterprise, metro & rural femtocells for 3G
    5pm     LTE metro femtocells

    Thu 17 Feb
    11am    Developing LTE systems with Picochip
    2pm     Making multi-mode a reality: HSPA + LTE

About Picochip

Picochip is enabling the next generation of wireless infrastructure. Its
picoXcell(TM) family of optimized silicon devices is the leader in the fast
growing market for femtocell access points. Its picoArray(TM) family of
flexible wireless processors is the leading solution for OFDMA-based network
equipment, and is backed by comprehensive software support for global
standards such as EDGE, HSPA, HSPA+, TD-SCDMA, WiMAX, LTE, cdma2000 and GSM.
Located in Bath, UK and Beijing, China, Picochip is re-shaping mobile

For more information, visit www.picochip.com

About Airspan Networks Inc.

Airspan (OTC Markets: AIRO) is a leading 4G wireless solution provider.
With over 500 customers in over 100 countries and as a top vendor for
carrier-class broadband wireless solutions, Airspan is recognized as a leader
and pioneer in 4G and broadband wireless technologies. Providing an expansive
product portfolio, Airspan offers customers the widest selection of 4G
products in the industry with an unsurpassed level of technology to benefit
their business case. Airspan has solutions spanning the 700 MHz to 6 GHz
frequency bands. www.airspan.com.

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