P.I.Works Enables Reliable Communication to Millions of Mobile Subscribers in 11 Countries

By P.i.works, PRNE
Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Global Exporter of Technology, P.I.Works Provides Mobile Network Operators the Ability to Offer Reliable Communication Services. P.I.Works' Solutions Enable Mobile Subscribers to Enjoy Voice Calls Without Interruptions While Also Being Able to Transfer Data at Much Faster Rates

ISTANBUL, February 14, 2011 - P.I.Works provides network optimization solutions that enable mobile
network (GSM) operators around the world to provide uninterrupted service.
P.I.Works solutions are at the forefront of the 3G and 4G technologies that
provide continuous and high-quality voice and data transfer. One of
Endeavor's High-Impact Entrepreneur Companies, P.I.Works provides services to
16 operators in 11 countries.

Achieving an annual growth rate of almost 100% from the day it was
established, P.I.Works achieved a turnover of 2.5 million USD in 2009, and
was included in the "Bilisim 500" list that ranks the best IT companies in
Turkey. The company grew by 400% in 2010, and has an aggressive target of
1000% growth by 2013.

P.I.Works CEO Basar Akpinar says the following about their success
story: "We leveraged our vast experience in the telecommunications sector to
offer innovative and cost-effective network performance solutions that would
provide the end-user with the best service. Within the last 5 years, our
achievements have far exceeded our targets. As a recognized brand on an
international level, our long-term objectives are to expand our availability
and become quoted on NASDAQ."

Mobile Network Operators obtain major savings with P.I.Works

The network optimization solutions developed by P.I.Works' 45 experienced
team members offer savings of up to 4 USD per subscriber per year for mobile
network operators. Operators utilizing P.I.Works' solutions are able to save
tens of millions of dollars every year depending on their subscriber base and
technology availability.

About P.I.Works: Established in 2005 with %100 Turkish intellectual
capital, P.I.Works offers mobile network optimization solutions to mobile
network operators worldwide. P.I.Works specializes in GSM, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA
and LTE, and has been empowering mobile network operators with its innovative
and efficient network performance management tools and services. One of
Endeavour selected entrepreneur companies, P.I.Works is working with 16
operators in 11 countries and is providing uninterrupted communication to
millions of subcribers. In addition to the 3 mobile network operators in
Turkey, GSM operators such as AT&T (USA), Northern Cyprus Turkcell, Northern
Cyprus Vodafone, CTM (Macau - People's Republic of China), beMOBILE
(Botswana), Life (Ukraine), Ucell (Uzbekistan), BeST (Belarus), Kcell
(Kazakhstan), NEO (Kazakhstan) and Eagle Mobile (Albania) are among the
customers of P.I.Works. www.piworks.net

For more information: Nayat Muratyan, K2 Public Relations,
Nayat.muratyan at prk2.com, , Tel +90(212)-219-1110

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