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By Powerfolder, PRNE
Sunday, May 29, 2011

MEERBUSCH, Germany, May 30, 2011 -

- PowerFolder Server 3.0 - the Optimized Business-Solution to Data
Management: The Safe Cloud, That Gives Your Company a Clear Competitive Edge

PowerFolder is your Data Management solution. Safe, efficient and easy to
use, PowerFolder ensures that your data is safe and sound, up to date and
available. Anywhere, anytime.

PowerFolder provides automated internal and external workflows, saving
your time. PowerFolder simplifies exchange of data within your teams and even
with your customers - safe and encrypted. How does it work? Simple:

PowerFolder organizes your data: any type of document, picture, video or
file is automatically organized and synchronized. Your employees can access
them with any type of device: Computers, Smartphones or even a Web-Browser.

Your employees can focus on working and not organizing data, saving time
and working more efficiently. Your data is always up to date. Every involved
employe is being provided with the current version, automatically and in the
background. No user action is required to keep files up to date across
employees and teams.

Do you send data to your customers and business partners? You can
collaborate with partners automatically and safely. All transfer is encrypted
and there are no size other limitations, unlike E-Mail. On top of that
PowerFolder will automatically back-up files and create an archive of older
files and versions. The workflow gets an audit trail, you are protected from
mistakes or malice by employees and have a track-record of all the work done.

The optional Cloud-Backup provides protection against events such as
office-fires, theft or natural disasters.

From Fortune500 companies with enterprise-sized installations to the
workshop on the corner backing up office-documents, we have the right
solution for you.

    Testing PowerFolder is free, Contact us today:
    Christian Sprajc
    or visit our website at www.powerfolder.com


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