New UK Venture Strengthens Sales and Development Opportunities for DPM Barbados Throughout the Caribbean

By Dpm Systems, PRNE
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ST MICHAEL, Barbados, May 26, 2011 -

DPM Systems and eXant have combined their UK operations and
expertise to form a new business entity - Panoptic Systems Integration
Limited - DPM Systems has had a long established
relationship with eXant - as a leading channel partner for its eXant Business
Intelligence (BI) software and has many years of experience in successfully
deploying business intelligence ( software solutions built
with eXant BI.

The provision of technical expertise to DPM Systems' Caribbean
operations - continues unchanged via the Panoptic
brand; following a seamless transition in providing systems and
infrastructure support, software development, help desk support and ongoing
software support facilities for all of our customers. In addition, Panoptic
is tasked with helping DPM Barbados to develop a range of exciting, new
products to support future business growth and development in the Caribbean.

Panoptic is now the strategic development arm of the DPM
Barbados business and continues with the same technical team that has been
working with you, our customers, in the past - we have just added to the
depth of the support resource available. The Panoptic team will provide us
with software development and support resources plus additional skills in
eXant business intelligence software development.

As part of this change, two individuals will change roles. Jon
continues to be involved as both a director and shareholder in DPM
Barbados but is taking an interim role working directly for one of its UK
clients as a Programme Director, to complete a complicated integration job
that they require. Geoff Taylor, veteran help desk manager, is taking a well
earned rest, retiring from full-time involvement, while we encourage him to
continue to work part-time and provide real knowledge transfer to his team.

The support team is second to none in its marketplace and has
been able to accommodate these changes by drawing upon the excellent depth of
resource that is available within the team. DPM Systems will continue to
provide great support and technical advice and the only change is that the
quality and range of services offered will increase over time.

Peter Forrest, Managing Director, DPM Systems Barbados will
continue to be involved in the frontline of support resources to its
customers whilst working alongside Panoptic's development team to ensure that
quality of service is maintained.

The full list of staff roles and responsibilities will be
issued during this year's IMCS Forum that is planned for October 2011.

Background to Panoptic Systems Integration Limited

Panoptic Systems Integration Limited, is based in Newport,
Shropshire, and has a team of people delivering systems integration, software
development, systems and infrastructure support, helpdesk and ongoing support
services to hundreds of customers in the UK and overseas. Panoptic deploys
its software development and technical integration skills on behalf of
customer businesses as a managed services provider.

eXant Business Intelligence software is strategically
important for Panoptic and significant resources have been put into place to
support Panoptic's existing eXant clients and to extend the customer base

The DPM technical services team has been combined with its
eXant's team to provide an excellent in-depth resource, not only to continue
to work closely with the software side of the business, but also working with
leading edge technology products for which DPM is renowned. Panoptic is,
therefore, able to provide a complete 'one-stop shop' solution for all its
clients both in the UK and internationally.

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