'Golden' Opportunity Prompts Hike in Mining Production Levels

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Sunday, May 29, 2011

JOHANNESBURG, May 30, 2011 -

Mining companies taking full advantage of the strong market conditions as
predicted by PwC's 2010 Global Gold Price Survey Report

Increasing gold prices are encouraging the mining sector to boost their
production in hope of enhancing their profits. To make the most of this
'golden' opportunity, mining companies are resorting to new mechanisms to
both escalate the production volume and to improve the quality of operations.
Optimising mining operations in order to curb costs and to increase net
profit is one of the key focus areas today, according to Michael
, Drill & Blast Engineer at AngloGold Ashanti in Ghana, where
drilling and blasting forms an integral part of the operations. Poor drilling
and blasting activities add to mining costs by growing the wear and tear on
equipment. This in turn increases maintenance costs and decreases the
quantity of materials mined through the movement of boulders.

A case study at AngloGold Ashanti - Effective Mechanisms to Improve the
Performance of Drilling - Iduapriem Mine, Tarkwa - look sat three main
techniques drill and blast engineers can adopt to attain a more effective
fragmentation process. The stability, straightness and hole depth to be
achieved goes a long way to affect fragmentation hence impacting productivity
and crusher throughput. The techniques described by AngloGold Ashanti will
give engineers the essential tools to mitigate these challenges and to ensure
more accurate drilling to lower costs, save on fuel and reduce maintenance
costs. Owusu-Prempeh will be discussing these measures at Drill and Blast
Africa Summit next week.

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