Prince Harry's Best Man Speech Survival Pack

Monday, February 14, 2011

LONDON, February 15, 2011 - Royal wedding fever is rife. We at Great Speech Writing have it bad.
Because we are focused on the speeches. We spend all year long writing them,
editing them and coaching our clients how to deliver them. So with flags at
the ready and collectable mugs on order, we'll be cheering along with three
billion others on 29th April.

But there's just one thing - or person - worrying us: Prince Harry.

As best man, not only does he have to ensure that the rings make it to
Westminster Abbey, he's also got the knee-trembling job of delivering a
speech in front of numerous heads of state and VIPs. And, let's face it, his
track record isn't flawless when it comes to handling himself with decorum in

Oh Harry. Listen to the wise crones at Great Speech Writing and let us
help you get through your best man's speech with poise, style and wit. We're
talking jokes about hair lines, not airlines. And no Waity Katy gags. To help
you prepare well in advance for the big day, we've come up with a speech
survival kit just for you.

More seriously, as with all our clients, we'd suggest that Harry:

    1. Prepares thoroughly
    2. Writes in short, sharp sentences
    3. Keeps it inside ten minutes
    4. Doesn't drink too much beforehand
    5. Speaks slowly ... and, most importantly
    6. Tries to enjoy it!

To see the full list of dos and don'ts for Harry - and for general advice
about writing and giving speeches please visit Our latest blog post is written
specifically for him!

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