Priory Group: Results for the Three Months Ended 31 March 2011

By Priory Group, PRNE
Wednesday, June 8, 2011

LEATHERHEAD, England, June 9, 2011 -

Priory Financial Highlights

- Revenue up 14.0% to GBP76.1m (Q1 2010: GBP66.7m)

- Adjusted EBITDA(i) up 5.0% to GBP21.2m (Q1 2010: GBP20.2m)

- Cash generated from operations - GBP18.2m (Q1 2010: GBP11.9m)

(i)Excludes exceptional non-recurring items and charges for future
minimum rental increases.

Craegmoor Financial Highlights

- Revenue down 6.4% to GBP38.4m (Q1 2010: GBP41.0m) following disposal of
two loss making subsidiaries

- Adjusted EBITDA up 8.7% to GBP7.6m (Q1 2010: GBP7.0m)

- Cash generated from operations - GBP3.7m (Q1 2010: GBP4.9m)

Operational Highlights

- Acquisition of the Priory Group by Advent International on 4 March 2011

- GBP425m of 7% Senior Secured notes due 2018 and GBP175m of 8.875%
Senior notes due 2019 issued on 3 February 2011 providing long term fixed
rate financing for the Group

- Acquisition of the Craegmoor Group on 14 April 2011 increasing
available beds to 7,128

- Further GBP206m of 7% Senior Secured notes due 2018 issued on 14 April
in order to repay Craegmoor bank debt

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March 2011
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Commenting on the results, Priory Group Chief Executive Officer Philip

"We are satisfied with the progress that the Group has
achieved over the past three months and the financial results support a
strong operating performance despite the challenging economic environment and
ongoing structural changes occurring within the wider healthcare market.
Total revenue for the quarter of GBP76.1m was up by 14.0% compared to the
first quarter of 2010 with adjusted EBITDA increasing 5.0% to GBP21.2m.

"On 14 April 2011, we successfully completed the acquisition
of the Craegmoor Group and a comprehensive integration programme is currently
underway. That acquisition extends our range of service provision to include
a learning disabilities division, that by size is the UK's number one in its
market. Furthermore, we consolidated our mental health and specialist
education market positions via the addition of a further 3 Colleges and 18
mental health hospitals. The integration programme is on track and delivering
the anticipated synergies. The acquisition of Craegmoor resulted in a further
reduction in leverage within the business in addition to the reduction in
debt levels when Priory was acquired by Advent. We expect to continue
deleveraging the business moving forward.

"Market conditions continue to be challenging particularly as
many Primary Care Trust (PCT) commissioners of service have been placed 'at
risk of redundancy' as the NHS prepares for the shift of commissioning
services from those PCT's to General Practitioner led commissioning
consortia. Whilst referrals to our services remain strong, management
nevertheless anticipate a possible slowdown in admission rates as
commissioning practices change and established commissioning personnel are
migrated into the new consortia structures."

About Priory

Priory is Europe's leading independent provider of care for mental health
conditions, psychological and psychiatric services including condition
management programmes, secure, forensic and stepdown services, specialist
education, complex care, neuro-rehabilitation services, fostering and care

Priory employs over 5,000 people with a vast range of expertise and
experience in over 60 hospitals, schools and care homes throughout the United
, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Priory has approximately 2,300
patients, pupils and residents.

About Craegmoor

Craegmoor is the country's leading independent provider of support for
people with learning disabilities, autism, complex needs, and mental health
problems as well as older people. Craegmoor employs over 5,000 people
throughout the country. Craegmoor has approximately 3,200 patients, pupils
and residents.

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