Northwest Biotherapeutics Announces Change and Expansion of Management Team

By Northwest Biotherapeutics, PRNE
Tuesday, June 7, 2011

BETHESDA, Maryland, June 9, 2011 -

- New CEO, COO, CSO and Senior VP Business Development

Northwest Biotherapeutics (OTC.BB: NWBO) today announced that it has made
changes and substantially expanded its management team, adding several highly
experienced executives. Ms. Linda Powers, who has served as Chairman of the
Board since May 2007, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Anthony
, a well known senior executive in the field of cancer immune therapies,
is joining NWBT as Chief Operating Officer on June 20th. Dr. Alton Boynton,
who was the scientific founder of NWBT and has served as CEO since May 2007,
is returning to his position as Chief Scientific Officer. Mr. Les Goldman, a
former longtime partner at Skadden, Arps specializing in advanced technology
commercialization, has been appointed Senior Vice President, Business
Development. Dr. Marnix Bosch is continuing in his role as Chief Technology


As the newest member of the management team, Dr. Maida brings more than
20 years' experience in building oncology companies, with expertise in the
business and financial aspects, the clinical and regulatory aspects, and the
underlying science. Over these two decades, Dr. Maida has held positions as
Chairman, CEO, COO, CSO, CFO and VP Business Development, and has raised
nearly $200 million in financings for these oncology companies. Among these
experiences, he served for a period as CEO of CancerVax, an early leader in
cancer vaccines. In that role, he raised the company's first $30 million of
funding, and was responsible for conducting multi-hundred patient,
multi-center clinical trials with the company's cancer vaccines. Prior to
joining NWBT as COO, Dr. Maida was serving as global head of Oncology for a
leading contract research organization that manages clinical trials in the US
and internationally.

Dr. Maida has been responsible for negotiating partnering and licensing
transactions with many premier pharmaceutical companies and academic centers
of excellence, including, among others, Eli Lilly, Novartis, RCT Corporation,
Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb, MD Anderson, Yale University,
Stanford University, University of California San Francisco and Davis, and
the Wistar Institute. Dr. Maida's already strong scientific expertise was
further strengthened as he recently completed and in 2010 received a PhD in
Tumor Immunology. On the financial front, Dr. Maida has served for years as a
key adviser to many large institutional investors for their oncology
investments. Dr. Maida serves on several boards in the oncology field,
including Spectrum Pharmaceuticals and others. Earlier in his career, Dr.
Maida served for a number of years as the Chief Financial Officer of a large
public company's subsidiary and Senior Financial Controller of a $1.7 billion
division of that company (Lockheed).

Ms. Powers has served as Chairman of NWBT for the last 4 years, and
brings more than 25 years' experience in corporate transactions and
operations, including more than a decade specializing in building biotech
companies through Toucan Capital. Ms. Powers is particularly well known for
her experience in building biotech companies that are developing cell
therapies, including both immune cell therapies (such as NWBT's DCVax(R)) and
adult stem cell therapies. Such products — consisting of living human cells
– require fundamentally different manufacturing, storage, distribution and
handling than do pharmaceutical drugs ("pills in bottles"). Such living cell
products also involve different clinical and regulatory requirements, and
different business and cost/pricing models, than traditional drugs. The cell
therapy companies which Ms. Powers has been involved in building over the
last decade, both in the US and abroad (in Asia, Europe and Israel), are at
the forefront of clinical trials and early commercialization. Ms. Powers has
served for years on a number of related boards, including the M2Gen Board of
the Moffitt Cancer Center, the Board of the Trudeau Institute (a world leader
in immunology research) and others. As Chairman of NWBT, she has brought her
lengthy experience to bear in helping to shape NWBT's overall strategy and
programs. As CEO, she will now undertake operational responsibilities in
addition to continuing her duties as Chairman.

Dr. Alton Boynton is the scientific founder of NWBT, and was the first in
the world to conduct a clinical trial with dendritic cells - the master cells
of the immune system, which are the cells used in NWBT's DCVax(R) products.
During the 1990s, when little was known about dendritic cells and their
roles, Dr. Boynton's research lab was an early leader in identifying the
important clinical capabilities of the dendritic cells and their potential
for fighting cancer. Within this academic setting, during the 1990s Dr.
Boynton treated over 100 prostate cancer patients with the DCVax(R)
technology, prior to commencing formal clinical trials in the Company. Since
that time, Dr. Boynton served as the Chief Scientific Officer of the Company
until 2007, at which time he became CEO. Prior to founding NWBT, Dr. Boynton
headed the Molecular Oncology research lab at the Pacific Northwest Research
Foundation (the original foundation of Bill Hutchinson, from which the Fred
Hutchinson Cancer Center was spun off), focusing on dendritic cells, and he
established and headed the Molecular Oncology research department at
Northwest Hospital in Seattle (where the first clinical trial with dendritic
cells took place in 1995). Earlier in his career, Dr. Boynton was Associate
Director of the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, and a professor of
Genetics and Molecular Biology. He has authored over 150 peer-reviewed
research publications, and is the inventor on numerous issued and pending
patents relating to dendritic cells. Dr. Boynton is resuming his position as
Chief Scientific Officer of NWBT.

Mr. Les Goldman was a partner at the law firm of Skadden, Arps for over
30 years, specializing in a wide array of advanced technologies and their
commercialization. He helped build one of the preeminent global practices in
this area. He was responsible for advising on financing, regulatory
strategies, and public outreach relating to his clients' development of
numerous cutting edge technologies, bringing to bear a diverse range of
deal-making skills. He has taken a special early retirement from Skadden,
Arps to enable him to undertake an executive role at NWBT. Mr. Goldman also
serves as an advisor to a number of other breakthrough technology companies.
In addition, for 8 years, Mr. Goldman has served as Chairman of the Board of
a group of TV Stations in 4 mid-size cities across the country. Mr. Goldman
is joining NWBT as Senior VP Business Development.

Dr. Bosch joined NWBT in 2000, and has been serving as Chief Technical
Officer for a number of years. In this capacity, he plays a key role in the
preparation and submission of the Company's regulatory applications, as well
as ongoing development of the Company's product lines, and ongoing
development and/or acquisition of new technologies. Dr. Bosch led the process
of designing the protocols, and managed the successful preparation and
submission of the Company's INDs (applications for FDA approval to conduct
clinical trials), for prostate cancer, brain cancer and five other cancers.
He also led the processes for other regulatory submissions in both the US and
abroad (including the successful applications for orphan drug status in both
the US and Europe for DCVax-L(R) for brain cancer). He spearheaded the
development of the Company's manufacturing and quality control processes, and
is working with the Company's contract manufacturer, Cognate BioServices, on
next-generation further development of these processes. Prior to joining NWBT
in 2000, Dr. Bosch worked at the Dutch National Institutes of Health (RIVM)
as head of the Department of Molecular Biology, as well as in academia as a
professor of Pathobiology. He has authored more than 40 peer-reviewed
research publications in immunology and virology, and is an inventor on
several patent applications on dendritic cell product manufacturing. Dr.
Bosch is continuing in his capacity as Chief Technical Officer of NWBT.

About Northwest Biotherapeutics

Northwest Biotherapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on
developing immunotherapy products to treat cancers more effectively than
current treatments, without toxicities of the kind associated with
chemotherapies, and on a cost-effective basis. The Company has a broad
platform technology for dendritic cell-based vaccines. The Company's lead
clinical trial is a 240-patient Phase II trial in newly diagnosed
Glioblastoma multiforme ("GBM"), the most aggressive and lethal form of brain
cancer. The Company also previously received clearance from the FDA for a
612-patient Phase III trial in prostate cancer, and clearance from the FDA
for Phase I trials in five other cancers. The Company has also conducted a
Phase I/II trial with DCVax(R) for recurrent metastatic ovarian cancer.

For further information about clinical sites and about the Company,
please visit the Company's web site at


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to enroll patients in its clinical trials and complete the trials on a timely
basis, the uncertainty of the clinical trials process, uncertainties about
the timely performance of third parties, and whether the Company's products
will demonstrate safety and efficacy. Additional information on these and
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