Public Spending Up to $10 Billion Per Year on Cosmetic Procedures that can Lead to Less Than Flattering Results & May Even Require Corrective Surgery

By The Palmer Code Institute, PRNE
Sunday, November 6, 2011

BEVERLY HILLS, California, November 7, 2011 -

- Top Beverly Hills Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Francis Palmer Offers Public 5 Ways to Ensure that They Don’t Throw Away their Money Chasing Beauty & Help Avoid Plastic Surgery Disasters

The public is spending $30-40 Billion worldwide on aesthetic medical services, ranging from plastic surgery to non-invasive procedures such as Botox, according to the report Cosmetic Surgery Markets.  Top Beverly Hills plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Francis Palmer is issuing a consumer alert announcing that up to $10 Billion annually may be spent on procedures that leave patients looking less attractive, unnatural, and in some cases, even disfigured.  Based on his decades of expertise and knowledge of the industry, Dr. Palmer releases the alarming wake-up call that as many as 1 in 3 people are making their appearance worse rather than better through these procedures, and that the public is wasting $10 Billion per year chasing beauty through misguided and botched procedures.  

Dr. Palmer has stepped forward as a consumer advocate to offer a formula that empowers the public with knowledge and the ability to get their money’s worth for any type of cosmetic improvement - whether they have $100 to spend or $10,000. This formula works for everyone.

Dr. Palmer’s book, The Palmer Code, was created to arm consumers with tips and tools to educate and help them prevent plastic surgery mishaps and nightmares.  The Palmer Code allows consumers to take the “guess work” out of procedures - actually showing them what changes will yield results that will measurably improve their appearance.

After years of training and research, Dr. Palmer identified a distinct mathematical pattern to what is deemed attractive.  During his two decades of operating on some of the world’s most famous faces, he turned this into a formula called The Palmer Code.  It defines beauty’s components through a scientific formula based on shapes, proportions and angles of the face and body. Each person’s Palmer Code number ranges from 1 to 100, with 100 being the ideal, and represents how attractive a person appears to the outside world.

The Palmer Code quantifies the elements of beauty through objective, measurable standards and techniques.  The information is designed to help the public avoid procedures that go “awry” or “too far” leaving them looking odd, misshapen or in the worst case, with botched results or disfigurement that cannot always be corrected.

The Palmer Code Institute,, located in Beverly Hills, is the leading center in the nation putting the The Palmer Code into practice every day to analyze and formulate a plan of making patients appear more youthful and naturally attractive based on a proven formula.

Dr. Palmer Offers Top 5 Ways to Avoid Plastic Surgery Disasters &

Help the Public Avoid Costly Mistakes: From Botox to Face Lifts and Everything in Between.

    1. Select a doctor with flawless aesthetic judgment.
       If the doctor can't describe why a surgery or treatment,
       like Botox or fillers, will make you more attractive...there's a
       good chance that it won't.
       A procedure can be performed well technically, but with flawed
       aesthetics, the results will not make you more attractive. A great
       plastic surgeon is not just a doctor- he is an artist.
    2. Never use price as the determining factor. Price-shopping is a risky
       way to choose your plastic surgeon.
    3. Choose a doctor with a long history of experience performing the
       procedure you are seeking. Training and qualifications are very
       important, but there is no substitute for experience.
    4. Follow your instincts. If the doctor's explanation of the procedure
       and possible results are confusing and difficult to understand, this
       is red flag. Select a plastic surgeon who makes you feel comfortable,
       and who clearly and simply explains your options.
    5. Consult The Palmer Code, which was written to help you learn you score
       and plan your procedure to achiev the best results.

“Sadly, for the consumer looking to improve their appearance, it’s like the wild, wild, west out there,” explains Dr. Palmer.  ”It seems there are an increasing number of procedures and treatments based more on marketing hype than proper beauty aesthetics.  It’s buyer beware, which means consumers must be educated and well informed about what will and will not make them look better.

“After more than 20 years as a Beverly Hills plastic and cosmetic surgeon, I wanted to share my trade secrets, contained within The Palmer Code, with the general public.  This information will empower them to make the correct choices so they can become more youthful and naturally attractive in a predictable and consistent manner which, I believe, is always money well spent.”

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