Rentabiliweb Launches Mailocash, an Automatic Cashback Detection Software and Online Shopping Assistant

By Rentabiliweb, PRNE
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

After Being Beta Tested by France's Largest Online Retailers for the Past 60 Days, the software has Proven Very Effective and Will be Officially Launched on March 1st, 2011

BRUSSELS, February 23, 2011 - Rentabiliweb is launching the Mailocash software for members of its
Internet and mobile loyalty programs, namely Mailorama, France's leader in

This program automatically detects the online retailers offering the best
discount on a given product. This software also displays special offer codes,
discounts, cashback and limited-time special deals. It is free to install and
generates additional income right from the very first purchase.

When surfing the Internet, shoppers will immediately be informed of any
current special offers. Even better, with Mailocash, shoppers are directly
alerted by name about any targeted exceptional special offers, such as the
flash sales and clearance operations negotiated by Mailorama.

"Unlike solutions currently on the market that use a toolbar approach,
with limited features, Rentabiliweb is innovating with Mailocash," explains
Cyril Dubreau, founder and manager of, part of the Rentabiliweb
Group. "This unique software makes shopping easier and instantly informs
consumers of advertisers' special offers. This ensures members never miss out
on a special offer and also guarantees online retailers will generate more
sales by triggering impulse buys."

Sébastien Cvetojevic, Marketing Director at MixCommerce adds: "We manage
the online activities of several brands, including Celio, Kookaï, Rip Curl
and Graine d'intérieur. As part of our marketing campaigns, we regularly set
up special flash sales for very short periods of time. Mailocash, which we
were lucky to test before its release, has helped us to reach our traffic and
sales targets. Mailocash users are constantly logged on to Mailorama's
offers. This gives us a new means of targeted distribution with the added
benefit of very high responsiveness."

Mailocash, which has been in the beta test phase for the past 60 days,
has already won over a host of online retailers. The initial results have
shown the software to be very effective at generating sales. Partners
including La Redoute, Fnac, Priceminister, Célio, Kookai have already tested
targeted and special offers.

Read this press release at:

About Mailorama

Founded in 2004, Mailorama is France's Cashback leader with
over 5 million unique visitors a month.

Mailorama runs one of the largest and most active communities
of online shoppers with 1.5 million members who receive a selection of
exclusive offers every day.

Thanks to the cashback system, members benefit from a true
multi-store online loyalty program that also offers fun, loyalty-generating
products such as paid e-mails and surveys.

Mailorama offers its various partners tools and resources to
interact with its community of online shoppers, based mainly on
performance-based marketing principles and models.

Mailorama is active on the French, Spanish and Belgian

It works with over 50 clients (agencies, media sales groups
and direct clients) and develops the online activities of over 300 online
retailers including La Redoute, FNAC,, Yves Rocher, 3 Suisses,
Priceminister, Pixmania and others.

Mailorama generates up to several hundred sales every day for
some of its clients.

Mailorama joined the Rentabiliweb Group in 2006:

To discover all of Mailocash's fatures, visit:

About Rentabiliweb

Founded in 2002, The Rentabiliweb Group offers Internet
professionals and webmasters the largest platform of website traffic
monetization services, namely payment and micropayment solutions. It also
runs affiliate programs, offers online advertising space brokerage and
interactive voice services for offline media and provides renowned expertise
in loyalty programs and Direct Marketing.

Rentabiliweb is also one of the premier French-language
publishers, with a package of services spanning the full range of mass-market
entertainment, from community services, family games and services for the
general public to recommendations for Internet users, personal ads, dating
services and more.

Listed on Compartment B of the Euronext Brussels and Paris
stock markets, the Group today has 17 subsidiaries in Europe, Canada and
Asia, employing over 170 staff members around the world. In 2009,
Rentabiliweb's sales topped EUR 65 million, with net profits of EUR 7.5

Rentabiliweb is also a socially responsible company in its sectors of
activity, strictly applying the ten principles laid out by the UN Global

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