‘Report Predicts Generic Drug Revenues Will Reach $137.6bn in 2015′ Says Visiongain Analyst

By Visiongain Ltd, PRNE
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LONDON, September 14, 2011 -


A new report by visiongain, a London-based business information company, predicts that world generic drug revenues will reach $137.6bn in 2015. That finding appears in Generic Drugs: World Market Outlook 2011-2021, published in September 2011.

The world prescription generics market - worth less than $50bn in 2004 - reached $96.4bn in 2010. If a more-general definition of generic medicines is used, the market may be worth over $150bn a year. In the US, generic drug sales have more than tripled since 2000. Generic drugs now account for about 70% of the prescriptions dispensed in the US. Generic market shares will increase this decade as more branded drugs face patent expiry, most notably blockbusters such as Lipitor.

Visiongain’s senior pharma industry analyst, said: “Analysts estimate that branded pharmaceutical manufacturers may lose a potential $50bn in sales due to patent expiries in 2011 alone. This situation means a significant opportunity for generic producers over the next ten years. Expansion of the generics market will continue steadily as legislative demands to control healthcare costs increase, especially in US and European markets.”

Other significant growth drivers for the generics industry include a trend for innovator pharmaceutical companies to establish a presence in generics. Companies such as Pfizer and Novartis have built partnerships there and bought generics operations. Generic manufacturing companies have also been active in mergers and acquisitions, seeking to increase scale, revenue, market reach and competitive advantage.

Visiongain forecasts that the world generic drugs market will grow steadily to 2021. This trend is stimulated by increasing life expectancy worldwide, budgetary constraints and developing countries needing affordable medicines, the report concludes. This new study adds to visiongain’s wide range of analytical reports in healthcare and other industry areas.  

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary
1.1 Generic Drugs: Industry and Market Review
1.2 Aims, Scope and Format of the Report
1.3 Research and Analysis Methods

2. Introduction to the World Generics Market
2.1 Generic Drugs (Generics)
2.1.1 Authorised, Branded and True Generics
2.2 The ‘Evergreening’ of Pharmaceuticals
2.3 Restraints Facing the World Pharmaceutical Market
2.4 Branded Pharmaceuticals: End of a Business Model?
2.5 US Regulations
2.5.1 Obtaining FDA Approval: NDAs and ANDAs
2.5.2 The Hatch-Waxman Act Title 1: Promotion of Generic Drugs
2.5.3 The Hatch-Waxman Act Title 2: Incentives for the Branded Industry
2.5.4 Consequences of the Hatch-Waxman Act
2.5.5 Me First: Timing as a Crucial Factor
2.6 European Regulations
2.6.1 Generics’ Entry into the European Markets
2.6.2 Further Protection of Branded Products in the European Market
2.6.3 Variations among European Countries
2.6.4 Moving Towards Standardisation
2.6.5 The 8+2+1 Rule
2.7 Japanese Regulations
2.8 Compulsory Licensing
2.9 Generic Drugs: Overview

3. The World Generic Drugs Market, 2011-2021
3.1 The World Generic Pharmaceuticals Market in 2010
3.2 Generic Products to Benefit from Patent Expiries
3.2.1 Sales Forecast for the World Generic Drugs Market, 2011-2015
3.2.2 Sales Forecast for the World Generic Drugs Market, 2016-2021
3.3 Global Market Breakdown, 2011-2021

4. Leading Companies in the World Generics Market
4.1 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries - Prospects from 2011
4.1.1 ANDAs and Approvals
4.1.2 M&A Activity
4.2 Sandoz - Prospects from 2011
4.3 Mylan - Prospects from 2011
4.3.1 Mylan’s Acquisition of Bioniche Pharma Holdings
4.4 Apotex - Prospects from 2011
4.5 Hospira - Prospects from 2011
4.5.1 Acquisition of Orchid’s Generic Injectable Pharmaceutical Business
4.5.2 Hospira’s Acquisition of Javelin Pharma
4.6 Watson - Prospects from 2011
4.6.1 ANDAs and Approvals
4.6.2 M&A Activity
4.6.3 Eden Becomes Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Watson
4.6.4 Watson Acquires Specifar Pharmaceuticals

5. The US Generics Market 2011-2021
5.1 Analysis of the Current Market
5.2 The US Generics Market: Revenue Forecast 2011-2021
5.3 Regulatory Reform Can Keep the Market Growing
5.3.1 A New Pathway to the US Market for Biosimilars?
5.3.2 Reverse Payments
5.3.3 The ANDA Backlog
5.4 Growing Consumer Acceptance of Generic Medicines
5.5 Leading Companies in the US Generics Market
5.6 Concluding Remarks

6. Leading European Generics Markets 2011-2021
6.1 Analysis of the Current Generics Market in Europe
6.2 Revenue Prospects for European Generics Markets 2011-2021
6.2.1 The Two Categories of European Market
6.2.2 European Pricing Systems and their Effect on Generic Penetration
6.2.3 Patient Co-Payment
6.2.4 Challenges with the European Regulatory Environment
6.3 The German Generics Market
6.3.1 German Generics Market: Sales Forecast 2011-2021
6.3.2 The Future of the German Generics Market
6.4 The French Generics Market
6.4.1 French Generics Market: Sales Forecast 2011-2021
6.4.2 The Future of the French Generics Market
6.5 The UK Generics Market
6.5.1 UK Generics Market: Sales Forecast 2011-2021
6.5.2 Generics Prescribing Linked to Increasing Budgetary Constraints
6.5.3 Reducing Generic Drug Prices: the Drug Tariff System
6.5.4 The Increasing Role of Pharmacists
6.5.5 Easy Entry, Strong Price Competition
6.5.6 The Future of the UK Generics Market
6.6 The Italian Generics Market
6.6.1 Italian Generics Market: Sales Forecast 2011-2021
6.6.2 Promoting Generic Penetration
6.6.3 Prospects for the Italian Generics Market
6.7 The Spanish Generics Market
6.7.1 Spanish Generics Market: Sales Forecast 2011-2021
6.7.2 Challenges for the Spanish Market
6.7.3 Prospects for the Spanish Generics Market
6.8 Concluding Remarks

7. The Japanese Generics Market 2011-2021
7.1 Analysis of the Current Market
7.2 Japanese Generics Market: Sales Forecast 2011-2021
7.3 Government Initiatives Have Driven Market Growth
7.3.1 Mergers and Acquisitions
7.4 Concluding Remarks

8. Emerging Generics Markets 2011-2021
8.1 The EM-7: Pharma’s Best Hope
8.2 M&A as a Tactic for Entering the Generic Drugs Sector
8.3 Turkish Generics Market: Sales Forecast 2011-2021
8.4 Brazilian Generics Market: Sales Forecast 2011-2021
8.5 Mexican Generics Market: Sales Forecast 2011-2021
8.6 South Korean Generics Market: Sales Forecast 2011-2021
8.7 Russian Federation Generics Market: Sales Forecast 2011-2021
8.7.1 Russian Federation Generics Market, 2011-2021
8.7.2 Analysis of the Russian Federation Market
8.8 India - Market Prospects from 2011
8.8.1 Indian Generics Market: Sales Forecast 2011-2021
8.8.2 International Success of India’s Pharmaceutical Industry
8.9 China - Market Prospects from 2011
8.9.1 Chinese Generics Market: Sales Forecast 2011-2021
8.9.2 Chinese Generics Market: Discussion of Sector

9. World Generics Market: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
9.1 The Generics Sector Will Remain a High-Growth Area
9.2 Generics Offer Limited Profitability
9.3 Emerging Markets and Generics: The Pharma Industry’s Biggest Opportunity?
9.4 The Generic Drug Market’s Growth is Assured, but Some Threats Remain

10. Opinions from Our Survey - Research Interviews
10.1 James Harris, CEO, Healthcare Economics LLC, Florida, USA
10.1.1 Main Challenges for the US Generics Market
10.1.2 Pricing Trends in Generic Products
10.1.3 On Authorised Generic Products
10.1.4 Current State of Biogeneric (Biosimilar) Legislation in the US
10.1.5 On Para 4 Challenges and Patent Cliff
10.1.6 On Generics Market in the Next Decade
10.2 Charlie Mayr, Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA)
10.2.1 The Value of the Generics Market
10.2.2 Main Challenges for the US Generics Market
10.2.3 On Growth Trend in Generic Products
10.2.4 On US Pricing Trends in Generic Products
10.2.5 On Authorised Generic Products
10.2.6 On Biogeneric (Biosimilar) Products

11. Conclusions
11.1 The World Generics Market Will Continue to Expand
11.2 The Emerging National Markets Hold Much Promise
11.3 Biosimilars Have Promise, but Difficulties and Uncertainties Remain
11.4 Concluding Remarks

Appendix A: Supplementary Information: Patent Expiries
Appendix B: About Visiongain
Appendix C: Visiongain Report Evaluation Form

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