DEPA: "There Should Be No Gas Debt Dispute Between Greece & Turkey"

By Public Gas Corporation depa Sa, PRNE
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ATHENS, Greece, September 14, 2011 -


Negotiations on pricing and access arrangements are reaching a conclusion; Reports of outstanding debts between Greece and Botas are premature and unwarranted;

In response to recent media reports about negotiations between DEPA and Botas, DEPA issues the following statement:

DEPA has complied fully and in utmost good faith with its obligations under the contract with Botas. DEPA has confirmed its preparedness to pay Botas the revised contract price for the full period of its effect and to be invoiced accordingly immediately. DEPA has also provided for this in its financial statements. There ought to be no dispute between the parties. But Botas has claimed an additional revision of the price, also with retroactive effect, based on grounds which are factually unsubstantiated. DEPA is confident in its position and looks forward to continuing its close and productive relationship with Botas.”


Issued by: DEPA press office, pressdepa at Direct Line: +30-2102701235

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