Revlok Mezzanine Floor Enables Rainbow Cosmetics to Cut Costs by Bringing Storage Back In-House

By Doity Engineering Ltd, PRNE
Monday, November 28, 2011

MANCHESTER, England, November 29, 2011 -

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The additional storage space created by the installation of a Revlok mezzanine floor at the distribution centre of Rainbow Cosmetics in Manchester enabled them to bring storage back in-house and cut out the cost of third-party storage.    

Rapid expansion since the cosmetics and fragrances wholesaler was established in 1990 has placed increasing pressure on storage space.  Its urban location meant that scope for building a new warehouse, or extending the existing one, was limited.  

A short term solution had been to pay for warehouse storage space elsewhere, but the option of installing a mezzanine floor made financial sense.  Having taken the decision to go ahead, Rainbow Cosmetics took a closer look at two suppliers, one of which was Doity Engineering who created the Revlok brand.

Martin Core, Rainbow Cosmetics’ Warehouse & Distribution Manager, explained:

“The two proposals we looked at were similar on the pricing side.  However, we decided on Doity after seeing one of their mezzanine floors in Bolton.  Our decision was based on having confidence in their quality, safety features and durability.”

Design and installation work began in the summer of 2011.  The Revlok mezzanine floor extends for 50 metres within the warehouse and has a width of 11.5 metres. A unique feature was the floor’s 4.85 metre height which placed it at the same level as first floor offices within the warehouse and provided them with direct access to the new storage area.

All mezzanine floors designed by Doity focus on the details that reflect the demands of every customer’s business. The specifications at Rainbow Cosmetics included a suspended ceiling and column casings, three load gates and a safety hand-rail all the way around the mezzanine.  To conform with building regulations, Doity have ensured that the 50-metre mezzanine floor has a one-hour fire rating certification.


  • All Revlok mezzanine floors conform to UK building regulations and have LANTAC (Local Authority) approval
  • All Revlok mezzanine floors are designed and manufactured by Doity Engineering Ltd at its own premises in Rochdale, Lancashire, England.
  • Revlok mezzanine floors can be supplied in flat-pack form which makes them easier to transport
  • The flexibility of Revlok mezzanine floors means they can also be used for exhibitions

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