Revolution of Maritime Logistics: Automatic Lashing Platform

By Lloyd Fonds Ag, PRNE
Sunday, June 5, 2011

HAMBURG, Germany, June 6, 2011 -

- KALP GmbH presents Automatic Lashing Platform (ALP) at TOC Antwerp

- The ALP will replace the last manual link in a fully automated
process chain

- The automatic device, which has passed extensive proofs of
concepts, fits and removes twistlocks

- Key technology to achieve huge productivity increase, to generate
cost savings and to increase workplace safety of container handling

The Germany-based KALP GmbH, which is owned to 45 percent by Lloyd Fonds
AG, presents what is considered to be a revolution of maritime logistics: the
fist fully automated Lashing Platform (ALP). The ALP fully automates the
manual coning and deconing of twistlocks and stackers on the quay during load
and discharge process. The device is the only such platform which
successfully passed an extensive proof of concept and is fully functional.

The new technology fundamentally optimises current maritime logistic
systems, not only by considerably increasing work safety but also efficiency
and hence competitiveness of container terminals. The system has been tested
successfully in Bremerhaven (GER) and will go in series production later this
year. Demand for the ALP is already high, especially considering the fact
that in 2011 Tandem-Lift-Spreaders will be rolled out.

Innovative technology

The KALP GmbH has been successful in what many others have failed before:
the development of a technology that fully automates the landside twistlock
handling for load and discharge. During the process, twistlock devices
automatically remove / attach twistlocks to the containers, controlled by a
PLC system which is applicable for all coning and deconing processes.
Multifuncionality is also ensured by the fact, that the ALP is compatible
with approx. 85% of all known twistlocks and stacking cones.

The revolutionary magazine technology can hold up to 150 deck twistlocks
or up to 300 stackers each, the twin-lift capable ALP is equipped with eight
magazines. Given balanced load and discharge figures, the ALP magazines
provide capacity for discharging and loading back a full deck or hold of
containers of the 14,000 TEU container vessels of the last generation (300
deck moves / 360 hold moves) without the need to manually empty or refill the
magazines, which further reduces the need for man-power at the terminals.

Furthermore, the device self-generates needed energy by using the
container weight on impact. An integrated, hydraulic damping technology
absorbs the forces and reduces impact on cargo, equipment and quay structure
which also helps saving maintenance costs.

Competitive edge: fast, economic, energy-efficient and safe

The ALP will significantly increase the competitiveness of terminals for
a number of reasons. Firstly ALP is a key technology towards achieving full
productivity of container handling. Extensive tests in Bremerhaven (GER) have
shown that the capacity can be increased by at least six to eight percent.
The device does also save costs by diminishing the number of required staff
on site.

Secondly the automated process considerably advances work safety as
stevedores are no longer exposed in the danger area to carry out the
twistlock operations manually during the load and discharge process.

"The Automatic Lashing Platform will revolutionise maritime logistics.
The device, which allows to fully automate the landside twistlock handling
process, generates a real competitive edge by increasing efficiency of
container handling and work safety," says Michael F. Seidel, CFO/CSO of Lloyd
Fonds AG.

The KALP GmbH is currently on show at the TOC Antwerp, stand F 10.
Further details about the Automatic Lashing Platform can also be downloaded

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