RFID Invest Announces Name Change and New Global Strategy

By Identic Group, PRNE
Monday, April 4, 2011

Changes Name to IDENTEC GROUP / Adopts Measures to Promote Synergies Across Partner Companies in Vertical Markets

VADUZ, Liechtenstein, April 5, 2011 - RFID Invest announced today that it has changed its name to IDENTEC GROUP
and adopted a new operating strategy intended to promote technology,
marketing, operational and financial cross-fertilization among its portfolio
of RFID companies, as well as to fuel the growth of member companies in
vertical markets.

Over the past five years, the company, now known as IDENTEC GROUP, has
acquired 100% or significant ownership in nine advanced RFID solutions
businesses, making it the largest RFID solutions provider in the world. Its
companies today serve more than 2000 customers in 16 industries on all
continents and are recognized worldwide for their patented, award winning
RFID solutions.

Among the innovative RFID applications developed by IDENTEC GROUP
companies are: the prevention of heat-related illness in athletes, rescue
personnel and industrial workers; shrinkage control, inventory, and beverage
management in the hospitality industry; tracking containers, trucks, and
heavy equipment in the world's busiest ports; assisting government and
military operations with the secure and safe transport of high value cargo;
managing material assets in the building of power plants and large industrial
projects, and real-time tracking of fresh foods from field to fork.

The company's strategy has three key components. The first is identifying
potential Group companies with customer-centric RFID solutions in vertical
growth markets, solid management, and compatible business strategies; Second
is to introduce the necessary capital, operational, and strategic support to
help these companies grow, and third is to introduce technology, marketing,
administrative, and customer sharing synergies across the member companies.


    Dawn Antle

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