Risc Group IT Solutions Launches its "Collaborative Services" Offer, Linking Microsoft Cloud Online Services Solutions With STS Group Digital Confidence Products Designed for SMEs and SMIs

By Sts Group, PRNE
Sunday, May 29, 2011

PARIS, May 30, 2011 -

"Collaborative Services" is a unique offer linking both Microsoft Online
Services' Cloud Computing solutions and STS Group's "Confidence Services".
SMEs and SMIs can thus benefit from simple, immediate access to Digital
Confidence services, for their collaborative working needs, in addition to
Microsoft Business Productivity Online Services solutions, and in a few
months, Office 365. They can also integrate them with all other services
managed in Cloud by Risc Group IT Solutions: Centrex Telephony,
Voice/Data/Internet VPN and Network Solutions, Hosting and Virtualisation.

Marketed in April 2011, this packaged offer allows Microsoft's Cloud
solutions for communication and collaborative working (instant electronic
messaging with Exchange Online and Office Communication Online, collaborative
portal with SharePoint Online and web conferencing with Office Live Meeting
Online) to be linked with the know-how of Risc Group IT Solutions and STS
Group in terms of Digital Confidence in SaaS (electronic secure data storage
and e-mail archiving, electronic signature, secure exchanges thanks to the
Electronic Recorded Delivery Letter).

In addition to this offer, SMEs can also take advantage of all the
features of Risc Group's Digital Confidence platform in SaaS mode, based on
the STS Group software suite (probative value archiving solutions for digital
objects or documents, dematerialisation of tax services, invoices or
payslips, etc.). What's more, the offer will be rolled out over the STS Group
JV network in 20 countries.

For all its packaged services, Risc Group IT Solutions provides advice,
installation, migration support and training, with a single centre for
support and billing. Itemized billing can be carried out per site, per user
group or per company subsidiary.

In addition to its functional wealth covering all collaborative tools and
Digital Confidence needs, the offer allows SME customers to reap the benefits
of Cloud Computing's flexibility and ease-of-use (hosting of high
availability & redundancy applications, security, maintenance and scalability
of software versions).

"The market potential is enormous for this type of service in France.
These offers correspond perfectly to SME requirements in terms of business IT
tools. This partnership is thus essential so as to meet the expectations of
more and more companies, and Risc Group IT Solutions is perfectly placed to
meet them" said Ariane Gorin, Office product line director at Microsoft.

"We are glad to strengthen our partnership with Microsoft by becoming one
of the 10 companies in the world selected to market this offer, and thus be
able to capitalise on Microsoft Online solutions, linking up our Digital
Confidence know-how" said Pierre Fort, CEO of Risc Group IT Solutions and VP
Strategy of STS Group. "What's more, the Microsoft Online offer provides
native interoperability with the office suites of our customers based
essentially in Microsoft Office, and it guarantees continuous functional
enhancement while future-proofing the existing environment."

"Risc Group IT Solutions is positioned as an aggregator of the best in
Cloud Computing in its three key domains: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and as an
integrator of managed turnkey convergent services" said Kais Turki,
Operations Director at Risc Group IT Solutions. "Microsoft shares this
strategic vision of Cloud with us, and thanks to this worldwide partnership,
it provides us with the best solutions on the market in terms of
collaborative working and messaging services."

"This partnership strengthens our worldwide positioning in Cloud services
and allows our customers to benefit from the complementary nature of our
respective services in an environment where Digital Confidence's needs and
demand are continually growing" said Benoit Huard, Commercial Director at
Risc Group IT Solutions. "Security and digital confidence are increasingly of
concern to all IT departments, and are at the heart of all discussions
surrounding Cloud Computing."

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft Corporation (listed on NASDAQ under the MSFT
symbol) is the world leader in software for microcomputers. The company
develops and markets a wide range of software, accessories and services for
both business and home use. This allows everyone to access the power of
computing from anywhere at any time, by using the online digital tools of
their choice. Created in 1983, Microsoft France employs some 1,400 people.
Since 1 February 2005, it has been chaired by Eric Boustouller.

For more information, visit the site: www.microsoft.com

About RISC Group IT Solutions

A major European player in outsourced managed services, Risc Group offers
both a network infrastructure connected with the leading IaaS[1] operators
and a full range of SaaS[3] managed services for SMEs, SMIs and VSEs. Risc
Group thus provides its customers with optimum converging telecommunications
services, PaaS[2] Digital Confidence platforms and services, collaborative
solutions, Voice/Data/Internet VPN and networks, virtualisation, hosting,
backup and information management.

Risc Group is a limited company with capital of EUR 21,216,764.80 listed
on the Euronext Paris stock exchange (C Unit - ISIN code FR 0010542647. -

For more information, visit the site: www.risc-group.com

1: IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service

2: PaaS: Platform as a Service

3: SaaS: Software as a Service

About STS Group

STS Group is the European leader in Digital Trust software publishing, an
area covering the authentication, exchange and probative value storage of any
digital object. STS Group markets its software offer via an international
network of digital trust platforms. The Company reiterates it does not have
the status of Issuer raising funds from the public and so the share offering
can only be made to qualified investors acting on their own behalf under
Article L. 411-2 of the French Monetary and Financial Code.

For more information, visit the site: www.group-sts.com

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