Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Charity Edition Sold for $ 104,568

By Hillary Tenzing Explorer Ltd, PRNE
Thursday, May 19, 2011

MAASTRICHT, The Netherlands, May 20, 2011 - The special Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer number 88/88 was sold for $
at the Christie's auction at Hotel des Bergues in Geneva. The
revenues of the sale will go entirely to the Hillary and Tenzing family

Popular bid

The auctioned lot was in high demand, says Aurel Bacs, International Head
of Christie's Watch Department: "We were touched by the spirited bidding that
led to a strong result forthe Hillary Tenzing Explorer set, which soared
above everyone's expectations to sell for US$ 104,568." Number 88 of 88 was
auctioned by Christie's for the benefit of the Hillary and Tenzing family
foundations. Both foundations are committed to improving the lives of
Himalayan mountain communities in Nepal by building schools and

Sons of Everest lecture

Previous to the auction, Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay, sons
of the famous mountaineers and acclaimed adventurers themselves gave an
inspiring lecture in front of an international crowd. According to Bacs, it
was the highest audience turn-up of any public speaking event Christie's had
ever organised.

Expedition goes on

Initiator and passionate vintage Rolex collector Philipp Stahl was
thrilled with the auction outcome. "This is a great achievement for the
family foundations. The HTE project has become an expedition on its own. We
have come a long way from initial talks with Peter and Jamling, meeting 1953
expedition member George Band in London and Jan Morris in Wales,
ploughing through the historical archives of the Royal Geographical
Society, visiting the famous Explorer's festival in Poland and admiring
Tenzing's unique golden Rolex in the US.

We continue working on the other HTE packages for which we have already
received many pre-orders from major Rolex dealer and collectors."

About Hillary Tenzing Explorer

The Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer is a unique tribute to the first
successful ascent of Mount Everest and homage to the legendary heritage of
Rolex. The limited HTE series has been created in close cooperation with
Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay and consists of 3 customised Rolex
Explorer watches and several custom-made vintage items commemorating
the successful 1953 Everest ascent.

The Hillary Tenzing Explorer limited series is not affiliated with Rolex.
The international warranty will go through the HTE watch atelier.

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