Sulfurcell Will Be Soltecture: Ten Years of Excellence in CIS-Technology and Solar Construction

By Soltecture Gmbh, PRNE
Thursday, May 19, 2011

Excellence in production after three successful ramp-up phases

BERLIN, May 20, 2011 - On the ten-year anniversary of its founding, CIS thin-film pioneer
Sulfurcell will be renamed Soltecture. The Berlin-based company's new name
reflects the excellence of the company's integrated solar solutions. CEO and
Founder Dr. Nikolaus Meyer explains: "The new name 'Soltecture' gets to the
heart of our core competencies and stands for superior performance in solar,
technology, and architecture. With the renaming we are signaling and
underlining the development of the company from module manufacturer to a
provider of optimum integrated PV system solutions." Soltecture can look back
on a ten-year history of success in CIS thin-film technology. From the early
module market introduction of thin-film modules based on CIS semiconductors
in 2005 and the ramp-up of three fabrication lines to recent record
efficiencies of 13.0 percent with innovative CIGSe technology, Soltecture
stands for excellence in thin-film.

Technology Roadmap: 14% Efficiency, 90% Yield in 10-16 Months

Soltecture achieves worldwide peak results with CIS solar modules based
on CIGSe semiconductors. The company unveiled the new high-efficiency modules
to the public at the end of 2010. TÜV Rheinland officially confirmed the
output of 94 watt or 12.6 percent aperture efficiency. Only weeks later 13.0
percent has already been achieved. Industrial mass production of the new
products has begun. In the coming 10-16 months, module-efficiency will be
increased to more than 14%. Production yields will increase to over 90%.

From Manufacturer to Integrated System Solution Provider

In ten years Soltecture has evolved from a leading manufacturer of
high-performance thin-film modules to a provider of integrated system
solutions. Soltecure offers standardised solutions for intelligent
integration of their high-performance and optically aesthetic thin-film
modules for construction challenges such as roofs, factories, and modern
facades. In recent years, renowned international investors including Intel
Capital, Climate Change Capital, and the Vattenfall Europe- and GdF
Suez-supported BEU Fund have provided Soltecture with growth financing
amounting to more than 110 million Euros. With this capital, Soltecture is
forging ahead with development of production machinery and increasing the
capacity of its fully-automated manufacturing facility for the new CIGSe


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