Rolta India Stock Price Jumps on News of Receiving Human Factors International’s Level V Certification

By Human Factors International Inc., PRNE
Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FAIRFIELD, Iowa, October 13, 2011 -


Human Factors International, Inc. (HFI), announced that Rolta India Limited has met the rigorous criteria for its Level V “Certified Practice in Usability™.” Rolta is the first company in the world to achieve this highest level of certification, setting it apart in its dedication to user experience.

According to an article published on Yahoo India Finance by Accord Fintech, Rolta’s stock price increased 5.33% upon the announcement of their Level V “Certified Practice in Usability™.” To read the article visit

“It’s so exciting: Even in a bear stock market, a certification in institutionalized usability costing $8,795 nets a $12.3 million increase in valuation,” said HFI CEO, Dr. Eric Schaffer.

Commenting further on Rolta’s achievement, Dr. Eric Schaffer said:

“On the advice and direction of Mr. Kamal K. Singh, the visionary Chairman and Managing Director of Rolta India Limited (RIL); Santhosh George, President Enterprise Solutions; and Laxmidhar Gaopande, Group Director of RIL, we have developed a complete user-centered design capability at Rolta. This has required clear executive championship, governance, methods, standards, infrastructure, and certified staff. Rolta is now approaching usability in a systematic and scientific manner.

“Therefore, having met our extensive criteria, it was my pleasure to designate Rolta as the first-ever Level V ‘Certified Usability Practice™’ in the world. Rolta is now qualified to develop and submit products for usability certification.”

Laxmidhar Gaopande emphasized how the company has prioritized usability to improve the experience of the end-users of their products.

“Rolta is very pleased to be recognized by HFI for its commitment and investment in usability for all of the software products and the projects we deliver. Traditionally, software product development has received a lot of attention for the architecture and back-end. While this is important, we were quick to appreciate that the software user experience is equally important and needs to have its own separate focus. Therefore, all our work on developing intellectual property now receives this additional attention and emphasis. Ultimately, it is our end-users who benefit with more efficient, intuitive, and easy-to-use workflows.”

Organizations wanting to see if they qualify for a “Certified Practice in Usability™” can take a pre-screening questionnaire at:

For more information on HFI certification visit:

About Human Factors International:

HFI is a leading global strategic advisor and provider of user experience design services to the private and public sectors. Using a combination of strategy, assessment, research, design, validation, usability, and training, we help our clients achieve measurable key performance indicators.

HFI customers include: BBC, Caterpillar, Citigroup, ConocoPhillips, Dell, FedEx, HP, Lockheed Martin, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, Verizon, and Wal-Mart.

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About Rolta

Rolta is a multinational organization headquartered in India, which has executed projects in over 40 countries. Rolta has a countrywide infrastructure and international subsidiaries across the globe. Forbes Global ranked Rolta among the “Best 200 under a Billion” four times in six years. The Company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange in cash and F&O segment, and forms part of various indices on BSE/NSE. The Company’s GDRs are listed on the Main Board of London Stock Exchange and its FCCBs are listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. For additional information on Rolta, visit

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