Envipco Secures Additional Orders of Its Innovative Compacting Technology in The European RVM Deposit Market

By Envipco Holding N.v., PRNE
Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AMSTERDAM, October 13, 2011 -


Envipco Holding N.V., a public-listed company on the NYSE Euronext Brussels “ENVI” and a global provider of recycling systems and solutions to the beverage and retail industries, announces additional orders of its innovative compactor technology.

In July 2011, Envipco Automaten GmbH, a subsidiary of Envipco Holding N.V., signed its first order with a major German retail group for 500 compactors based on its new breakthrough innovative technology. An additional order of 140 has now been received. The Envipco compactor design features improved reliability, superior container compaction and a longer service life.

Envipco acts as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for this major component which has been approved by DPG Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH for incorporation into Tomra’s T-710 and Tomra T-820 RVMs. Envipco received an additional order of 140 compactors, this time, to be incorporated into another RVM manufacturer, Sielaff GmbH und Co. KG in Germany. DPG is as an organizational anchor collectively set up by all stakeholders affected, including bottlers and retailers, to implement the German Packaging Ordinance for its deposit system.

The compactor is the most consumable part in a Reverse Vending Machine “RVM”, and requires refurbishment and replacement multiple times during an RVM’s equipment life. The annual German market potential alone for new and replacement compactors exceeds 10,000 units. There exists today, only one other major German supplier of compaction technology for over 35,000 RVM’s in Germany and 60,000 more RVM’s throughout the world.

Envipco believes it can capture a significant market share of the compactor business based on its new innovative design and attractive price performance. Overall satisfactory performance on the original order led to this new order. Substantial new orders with several other German retail groups are expected.


Envipco Holding N.V. (Envipco), www.envipco.com is a Netherlands-based holding company listed on NYSE Euronext Brussels “ENVI”. Envipco, with operations in several countries around the globe, is a recognized leader in the development and operation of reverse vending machines (RVMs), automated technological systems for the recovery of used beverage containers. Envipco’s turnkey solutions cover all aspects of beverage container recycling - from recovery, validation, compaction, sorting, transportation and logistics, to accounting for every container, to recycling and processing used beverage containers to prepare for conversion into new containers and consumer products. Known for its innovative technology and market leadership, Envipco holds several intellectual property rights for RVM systems, including but not limited to beverage refund deposit markings, material type identification, compaction and accounting. It also owns and operates the largest independent bottle to bottle PET recycling plant in Europe.

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