Rosoboronexport's Visit to Istanbul

By Rosoboronexport, PRNE
Monday, May 9, 2011

MOSCOW, May 10, 2011 - The Rosoboronexport federal state unitary enterprise will
present more than a hundred samples of weapons and military equipment at the
IDEF 2011 International Defence Industry Fair to be held for the second time
in Istanbul in the period from 10th to 13th May 2011, paying special
attention to needs of the Mediterranean states.

"We take into account the fact that some states in the region
are NATO members. We also know from practice that all our systems can finely
integrate with NATO standards. Moreover, some of them vastly outperform their
competitors, or are totally unique. There are areas where we can establish
much closer cooperation with many states in the region. This is why we
consider the IDEF as a good venue for demonstration of our real achievements
and advantages", - pointed out Anatoly Aksyonov, chief advisor to the
director general of the Rosoboronexport, who heads the delegation of the
company at the IDEF 2011.

At the Rosoboronexport stand specialists will be able to
familiarise themselves with major helicopter systems such as the Mi-171Sh
military transport helicopter which is in great demand worldwide, as well as
the newest Ka-52 and Mi-28NE combat helicopters, and Mi-35M combat transport

These days it is vital to have modern anti-air and
anti-missile weapon systems. Visitors to IDEF 2011 will be able to get
detailed information about the famous short-range Tor-M2E, medium-range
Buk-M2E, and unique mobile long-range Antey-2500 ADMS.

The Tor-M2E combat capacity has increased practically twofold
compared with its predecessor, raising also the capability of repelling mass
strikes on a long front line.

Many countries in the region have lengthy coastlines; this is
why Rosoboronexport will also promote at IDEF 2011 naval systems such as
missile boats, patrol vessels and landing craft, coast guard cutters,
torpedoes, mines and missiles, coastal surveillance systems, coastal mobile
missile systems and diesel electric submarines.

Air cushion craft traditionally attract great attention of
customers. Russia, a pre-eminent leader in this sector thanks to its more
than half-a-century experience in building such vessels, will present at the
exhibition the Murena-E landing craft boasting unique characteristics. The
craft can take aboard one medium tank or three armoured vehicles. The
Murena-E can carry 130 troops with their weapons, instead of the equipment,
when removable seats are fitted on its deck. Two gas turbine engines rated at
20,000 hp allow the craft to develop a speed of up to 55 knots. Among other
advantages of this Russian craft, experts point to a powerful enough weapons
set: two 30-mm AK-306 type automatic artillery mounts with fire control
system and eight Igla type man-portable air defence missile systems.

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