AhnLab Reports Region-Specific Malicious Codes and Trojans as Top Online Security Threats for 1Q 2011

By Ahnlab Inc., PRNE
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SEOUL, South Korea, April 27, 2011 -

    -- ASEC Report details region-specific variants of well-known malicious
    -- Most reported malicious code rankings dominated by Trojans
    -- Other trend findings describe soaring rise of Android malware and more
    -- AhnLab's cutting edge solutions include AOS to protect against ZeuS

Region-specific malicious codes and Trojans pose the top threat to online
security, today, according to AhnLab Inc. (www.ahnlab.com), a leading
provider of integrated security solutions. In the April issue of the ASEC
Report (available now), the AhnLab Security Emergency Response Center details
major security trends for the first quarter of 2011.

Region-Specific Malicious Codes

Instead of a generic, one-size-fits-all approach, variants of malicious
codes are increasingly being built for different regions according to the
ASEC Report. During the first quarter of 2011, variants of well-known
malicious codes including Conficker, Bredolad, Autorun, Virut, and Sality
were reported in multiple countries. Additionally, rogue antivirus programs,
appearing in a user's local language, were also widely reported. These
programs trick users into believing their PC's have multiple infections that
can only be removed by purchasing fake fixes. Based on a user's location, the
graphical user interface of these programs is automatically translated to the
local language adding to their apparent authenticity.

Trojans Rank as Most Reported Malicious Code

Based on a sampling study of users in Korea, Trojan remains the most
reported malicious code at 53.1%, followed by worm at 12.3% and script at
8.4%. Trojan was also the most reported among new malicious codes at 85%,
followed by adware at 7% and dropper at 4%.

The top five most reported malicious code (and code variant) categories
include Trojans such as: Win-Trojan/Overtls15.Gen, Win-Trojan/Patched.CR,
Win-Trojan/Onlinegamehack, Win-Trojan/Downloader, Win-Trojan/Agent, and

The most reported new malicious code was Win-Trojan/Overtls15.Gen
(618,379 reports/17.2%), followed closely by Win-Trojan/Patched.CR
(581,656/13%) and Win-Trojan/Overtls11.Gen (570,302/12.7%).

ASEC Report Provides Invaluable Resource

The April edition of the ASEC Report, which runs over 40 pages, includes
a wealth of security research information including: malicious code
statistics, detailed descriptions of new malicious codes, and Microsoft (MS)
vulnerabilities. The report covers both the entire first quarter, as well as
a separate section devoted to trends exclusively in March.

"Threats to online security are ever changing and becoming more
sophisticated," said Mr. Hongsun Kim, CEO of AhnLab. "As such, the need to
remain a step ahead of cyber criminals and attackers has never been more
critical. The most recent ASEC report provides a wealth of information on the
latest online security trends so interested parties can keep informed, alert,
and ultimately protected."

The report highlights several interesting new malicious codes discovered
by ASEC during the quarter including: Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs),
multi-language malware, and malware able to bypass cloud antivirus systems.
Android malware is also emphasized as a high cause for alarm with numbers
soaring during the first quarter of 2011. Malicious codes targeting Microsoft
(MS) vulnerabilities, specifically related to the Windows Graphics Rendering
Engine and Internet Explorer, are also described in detail by the ASEC

For a full copy of the ASEC Report and more details regarding AhnLab's
findings, users can visit:

Advanced Solutions Including AOS to Protect Against Zeus

A leader in comprehensive online security, AhnLab is acclaimed, for among
other products, its real-time internet banking solutions. As threats grow in
sophistication, online banking users are particularly susceptible to the much
publicized ZeuS virus, which steals user information during financial
transactions. AhnLab offers integrated, comprehensive protection against ZeuS
through its innovative AOS (AhnLab Online Security, aos.ahnlab.com)
security solution which received widespread attention from industry experts
attending the Banking Security Conference in Poland in March 2011. AOS'
advanced approach to internet banking security is proven to provide stalwart
defense against ZeuS and other malicious codes.

About AhnLab, Inc.

Headquartered in South-Korea, AhnLab Inc. (KSE: 053800) develops
industry-leading security solutions and provides professional services that
are designed to secure and protect critical business and personal
information. As a leading innovator in the information security arena since
1988, AhnLab's cutting edge products and services have been fulfilling the
stringent security requirements of both enterprises and individual users.
AhnLab's products and services include anti-virus solutions, network, mobile
and online game security, security management and consulting services. All
solutions provide 24/7 real-time detection and prevention of malicious codes
and hacking attacks through AhnLab's emergency response centers including
ASEC (AhnLab Security Emergency Response Center) and CERT (Computer Emergency
Response Team). AhnLab has been growing steadily in terms of both market
share and revenue, recording USD 54 million in sales in 2009. Today, AhnLab
boasts a network of sales and research operations in more than 20 countries

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