Rototec Geothermal Energy Plc: Admission to Trading on the Open Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

By Rototec Geothermal Energy Plc, PRNE
Sunday, March 27, 2011

LONDON and FRANKFURT, March 28, 2011 - The Board of Rototec Geothermal Energy Plc ("Rototec" or "the Company"),
the leading provider of geothermal energy systems in Finland and Sweden, is
pleased toannounce the admission of its shares to trading on the First
Quotation Board (Open Market) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the first
day of dealings in its Ordinary Shares following completion of the reverse
takeover of Finnish based Rototec Oy and acquisition of Swedish based Rototec
Sverige AB.

The Company has 10,000,000 Ordinary Shares of par value 10
eurocents each in issue and the trading ticker symbol of the Company is RGE.

Rising energy prices and increased awareness of sustainable
development are the main reasons for the rapid growth for the geothermal
energy market in recent years. The global market for geothermal energy is
still in its infancy and forecasts show very high growth rates in the near
future. Rototec estimates that more markets shall be looking to adopt the
Scandinavian model of geothermal energy systems. With this premise, Rototec
intends to internationalise its operations and to become a leading innovator
and provider of geothermal energy systems in markets where demand will grow
in the near future. Rototec's leading market position in the countries in
which it operates, place it in a unique position to become the leading
supplier of geothermal energy systems internationally.

Commenting on the admission Timo Ojanne, Chairman of Rototec, said: "We
have a solid business with a solid foundation and a proven financial track
record. We believe that the Open Market offers us the opportunity to expand
the business both organically and through acquisitions, in turn increasing
value for new and existing investors. We believe that the Open Market:

- will assist Rototec in the development of its international operations
through the enhanced transparency and reputational benefits of being a
publicly listed company and will therefore enable Rototec to grow more
quickly than it could as an unlisted company;

- will provide Rototec with the flexibility to react to a developing
geothermal energy market;

- will assist in the incentivisation and retention of key management and
employees; and

- will provide ongoing flexibility and liquidity for existing

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About Rototec Geothermal Energy Plc

Rototec Geothermal Energy Plc is a total solution supplier of
geothermal energy systems founded in 2007 and with operations in Finland and
Sweden. Rototec Geothermal Energy Plc provides complete geothermal energy
systems encompassing thermal response tests, earth energy design and drilling
as an integral part of a complete geothermal heat pump system. Through proven
operational excellence Rototec delivers a high quality, cost effective and
environmentally sustainable energy source for residential and commercial


For any further information, please contact us directly: Rototec Geothermal Energy Plc, Mr Kim Ojanne, Chief Financial Officer, Tel. +46-768-26-66-11, E-mail investors at

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