Rules-Based Medicine Launches OncologyMAP(R) to Advance Cancer-Related Drug and Diagnostic Development

By Rules-based Medicine Inc., PRNE
Monday, March 28, 2011

Panel of 101 quantitative biomarker tests selected in partnership with the National Cancer Institute

AUSTIN, Texas, March 29, 2011 - Rules-Based Medicine, Inc. (RBM), a leading provider of innovative
biomarker solutions, today formally announced the global launch of
OncologyMAP(R), a powerful tool developed at the direction of and with
funding from the National Cancer Institute. Through quantitative measurement
of 101 cancer-related proteins, OncologyMAP(R) provides researchers with
unprecedented data on biological pathways that could hold the key to
understanding the molecular basis of cancer. OncologyMAP(R) was released to a
limited number of key customers in October, and RBM has received positive
feedback from clients who report valuable results in their studies for drug
re-tasking, indication expansion, and patient stratification using this
cost-effective, comprehensive testing service.

"The use of biomarker tools throughout drug development is a requirement
for researchers who must balance leaner R&D budgets with the greater demands
for safety, innovation and success," said Craig Benson, RBM president and
chief executive officer. "From one drop of serum, OncologyMAP(R) can deliver
data that could help solve therapeutic and diagnostic dilemmas related to
cancer making this biomarker panel an essential component of the development

OncologyMAP(R) provides drug researchers with an accurate and affordable
means of evaluating the efficacy and safety of therapeutic candidates. The
test is validated to clinical laboratory standards enabling biomarker pattern
discoveries made in basic research to be reproducibly extended into clinical
trials. The use of sensitive, reproducible biomarker patterns as objective
measures of drug efficacy and toxicity can accelerate development efforts and
facilitate decision-making to avoid costs associated with late-stage drug

OncologyMAP(R) is based on RBM's proprietary Multi-Analyte Profiling
(MAP) platform, which quantifies key blood-based biomarkers representing
dozens of important biological pathways. The multiplexing process allows for
heightened efficiency while providing excellent accuracy and precision.

This project was supported with Federal Funds from the National Cancer
Institute, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human
Services, under Contracts No. HHSN261200700037C and HHSN261200800045C.

About Rules-Based Medicine, Inc.

Rules-Based Medicine's biomarker testing service provides clinical
researchers, physicians and healthcare providers with reproducible,
quantitative, multiplexed data for hundreds of proteins to advance drug
development and patient care. The Company's proprietary Multi Analyte
Profiling (MAP) technology offers pre-clinical and clinical researchers
broad, cost-effective protein analyses in multiple species from a small
sample volume. MAP technology also supports RBM's drive to develop
diagnostics that aid in the detection of complex diseases and conditions in
areas of unmet medical need such as neuropsychiatry, nephrology, immunology
and cardiology. RBM's initial molecular diagnostic test, VeriPsych(TM), is a
blood-based test that aids in the confirmation of diagnosis of recent-onset
schizophrenia by evaluating a proprietary set of 51 biomarkers. RBM also
offers innovative and proprietary ex vivo testing systems such as
TruCulture(TM), the first fully-closed, reproducible whole blood culture
system. More information about RBM is located at

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