Sage ERP X3 Announces a Major New Release of its Warehouse Management System

By The Sage Group Plc And Sage Erp X3, PRNE
Monday, July 18, 2011

PARIS, July 19, 2011 -

- Sage Geode v6.1 Brings
Enhanced Warehouse Optimization To Distribution
Logistics Operations Worldwide

The Sage Group plc (LSE:
SGE), a leading business management software provider, has
announced a major new release of href="">Sage ERP X3’s warehouse
management system (WMS) - Sage Geode.  Sage ERP X3 is a
leading ERP solution for the midmarket and this new release brings
greater warehouse and logistics optimization to all companies with
distribution and logistics services requirements.

Sage Geode Version 6.1 provides the tools to process, streamline
and optimize the management of the warehouse, enhancing the quality
and reliability of logistics flows, providing transaction
traceability, maximizing warehouse floor space and improving
productivity.  As a module of Sage’s global ERP solution, the
warehouse management system can be deployed across multiple sites
using Sage ERP X3.

As well as many other logistical features such as transparent
transaction tracking both inside and outside the warehouse, people
movement and space optimization, key new enhancements of Sage Geode
v6.1 include:

  • Directive Radio Frequency (RF) and resource management: system
    tasks are directed to RF terminals based on the location of the
    user and the type of equipment being used.  This provides
    resource management functionality to help improve productivity
    within the warehouse
  • Material management: stock can now be managed in both consumer
    units and stock units.  This improvement ensures accurate
    warehouse management of raw materials
  • Integration: new connectors have been introduced for seamless
    integration between Sage Geode and Sage ERP X3

Sage Geode v6.1 is available from July 2011 and follows the
recent announcement of Sage ERP X3 Version 6.2 in May which
delivered hundreds of module improvements.

Obadia, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Products, Sage ERP
X3, commented: “Along with the announcement of Sage ERP X3 v6.2,
this further integration of Sage Geode into Sage ERP X3 and the
solution enhancements it brings are part of our aim to build on our
product quality. This will provide our customers with the best
possible and most complete user experience and allow them to
benefit from major business improvements through the effective
implementation of our ERP system.”

For more information on Sage ERP X3 and Sage Geode v6.1, please
visit href="">

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