SAN Vendor Fails to Mention Fragmentation Issues Yet Again - Is Storage Space Really That Cheap?

By Diskeeper Corporation Europe, PRNE
Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LONDON, July 7, 2011 -


Logicx a rapidly growing salvage company with over 300 employees
in Holland, gave strong feedback on the benefits of installing
Diskeeper® on their company servers (mostly HP Proliants
380 and 360’s) and also on a 4TB HP EVA 4000 SAN. Peter
, ICT Manager for Logicx, already knew the benefits
Diskeeper could bring to the company’s IT site, having known and
used Diskeeper since the 1980’s.

Since I am a long-time Diskeeper user (as far back as
80s), it was the first thing that crossed my
mind when I saw that we had fragmentation problems. It is software
which I was certain would solve my problems.

However, in what is becoming a common oversight or “forgot to
mention” by SAN providers, their provider likewise hadn’t even
alluded to the problem of fragmentation.

The SAN vendor didnt mention anything
about possible fragmentation issues…
Peter Landman

Peter continues, After using the Windows [built in]
tool for several months, we saw that we still had a fairly large
percentage of fragmented files. Without further measuring we
concluded that this was costing us too much performance and we
bought and installed Diskeeper.

…with its IntelliWrite technology, [Diskeeper] took
care of those problems thus greatly improving the disk performance
(especially the volumes on our HP EVA 4000). Within a week we saw a
major improvement.

Mandeep Birdi, Technical Presales Consultant at Diskeeper
Corporation Europe, comments, Its
unfortunately becoming a little too common for me to hear from many
customers who are adding SAN
s to their network
estate, that their SAN vendor has either told them not to worry
about fragmentation, or didn
t even mention it as a
possible problem.

He continues, Making full use of your
SAN potential is vital. The I/O bottleneck issue has a huge affect
on performance, and if the customer is not aware that this is
s occurring in the SAN environment, it can end
up costing the company a lot of money with thinking they have to
purchase more hardware
- Storage just
t that cheap after a while.

Thomas Doria, New Business Development Manager at Diskeeper
Corporation Europe
, comments,
We are not in competition with SAN vendors. On the
contrary, we just want to ensure that everyone is working together
with the correct information, so that users can maximise the
benefit from their IT investment.

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