Misconceptions Surrounding SAN Defragmentation Reach an Unprecedented Level

By Diskeeper Corporation Europe, PRNE
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LONDON, May 19, 2011 - An unprecedented number of IT users recently revealed that they are being
instructed against defragmenting their SANs. This misinformation comes
apparently from their SAN providers. Mandeep Birdi, Technical Presales
Consultant from Diskeeper Corporation Europe has reported an alarming number
of IT decision-makers are under the impression they don't need to be
concerned with fragmentation issues in their SAN environment.

He comments "This is a repeated story that I am hearing time and time
again, from many of our customers adding SAN's to their network estate. They
are told they don't need to defragment - which is not necessarily true."

A survey carried out with the existing customers of Diskeeper Corporation
Europe, showed over 75% have implemented or are planning to implement a SAN
solution. The same survey also revealed that 80% were aware of the
detrimental effect of fragmentation on I/O performance.

Mandeep further comments "It stands to reason then that making full use
of your SAN potential is vital. The I/O bottleneck issue has a huge affect on
performance, and if the customer is not aware that this is what's occurring
in the SAN environment, it can end up costing the company a lot of money with
thinking they have to purchase more hardware, when in fact this might not be
the case at all."

In light of these revelations, Diskeeper Corporation Europe recently
announced a series of webinars to blow the lid off this common misconception.
The aim is to clear up the confusion and relieve unnecessary pressure from IT
administrators. Mandeep will cover topics centred on handling fragmentation
for users of SAN based technologies, Duplication, SAN Replication, Thin
provisioning and Snapshots/Continuous Data Protection.

"We are not in competition with SAN vendors. On the contrary, we just
want to ensure that everyone is working together with the correct data, so
that users can maximise the benefit from their IT investment," says Thomas
, New Business Development Manager, Diskeeper Corporation Europe.

Contact: Dorian Culmer, Email: d.culmer at diskeeper.co.uk , Phone: +44(0)1293-763-060

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