Spinning for the Upper Body From Virgin Active Health Clubs

By Virgin Active, PRNE
Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Health Club Chain Launches Kranking(R), the Brand New Upper Body Workout From Spinning Creator Jonny G

LONDON, February 3, 2011 - Virgin Active Health Clubs (www.virginactive.co.uk/) is
launching the latest US exercise trend, Kranking(R), into all 71 of its
health clubs nationwide following successful trials in West London and
Sheffield. Innovated by spinning guru, Jonny G, Kranking(R) aims to do for
the upper body what cycling has done for the legs and thighs. Kranking(R) is
fun, intuitive, and easy to learn; it can be used on the cardio floor, with a
personal trainer, or in a group exercise setting.

The Krankcycle(R) resembles an upturned bike but don't be
fooled; this is a state-of-the-art health club machine that will work your
body hard! The Kranking(R) workout technique involves pedalling with your
arms, turning two rotating handles separately or together while your legs
remain still or seated on the saddle. Resistance can be increased to give
your body a harder workout in a similar way to spinning.

Fitness research shows that the upper body can be developed
via this arm-pedalling technique to build strength, endurance and performance
ability, as well as increasing metabolism and overall vitality. With this in
mind, Kranking(R) targets muscles in the arms, shoulders, chest and back
while the core muscles work hard to stabilise the body, giving you a workout
from the waist up.

Gym-goers can work alone or with others in a Group Kranking(R)
session that sees a team of up to six people pitted against one another for
an exhilarating exercise experience. Each health club member chooses a
nickname which will appear on a big screen, displaying how hard they are
training. The personal training (
instructor will encourage class participants to work to their optimum level,
ensuring that every single person gets the most out of their health club
workout session.

Andy Birch, UK Head of Product at Virgin Active Health Clubs
(www.virginactive.co.uk/), commented, "Virgin Active is thrilled to be
the first UK health club chain to offer this exciting innovation to our
members. Jonny G has been fine tuning the Krankcycle(R) for over five years
and the results are not only stunning but also effective at providing a full
upper body workout. When teamed with traditional spinning, Kranking(R) will
help to give an all over body workout that's both fun and effective."

From Kranking(R) and personal training to Zumba classes (
www.virginactive.co.uk/content/zumba/default.aspx) and ViPR
(www.virginactive.co.uk/Content/Innovations/ViPR.aspx), Virgin Active
Health Clubs provides a range of innovative exercise classes and equipment.
Visit www.virginactive.co.uk/ for more information.


For further information please call +44(0)207-404-3000 or email

Contact: For further information please call +44(0)207-404-3000 or email virginactive at borkowski.co.uk

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