St. Andrew's Day Story: Sarah Beeny Helps Andrews of the UK to get a Date!

Sunday, November 28, 2010 Notice That Andrews are More Likely to be Single

LONDON and EDINBURGH, Scotland, November 29, 2010 -, Sarah Beeny's dating site, has re-launched tried and
tested man-hunting tool 'The Random Andrew Generator' to help out single
Andrews this St. Andrew's Day. Last year the tool helped Andrews receive more
hits than ever so girls, don't disappoint, head to, find
an Andrew and ask him out today.

For hundreds of years the 'magic' surrounding St. Andrew's Day has been
used to help people find love. But forget finding your future lover's name
within pieces of cooked dough (a la Czech Republic) or names scattered on
pieces of paper under your pillow (like they do in Poland) - try 'The Random
St. Andrew's Day Generator' instead!

Sarah Beeny, co-founder of, said: "When we first
launched the 'Date an Andrew' campaign, Andys of were
showered with attention. Things, however, have since gone flat for Andys and
once again they are more likely to be single than Simons and Dans.

So this St Andrew's Day bag a date with an Andy! Here at we're keeping traditions alive, only we're writing Andrew
on every piece of paper to improve their chances."

    Notes to editors

    - St. Andrew's Day is Tuesday 30th November 2010

    - Click here for The Random St. Andrew's Day Generator:

    - Andrew is the most common single man's name - you are 7% more likely to
    be single than 2nd place, James

    - For a full list of the most likely single names please contact above

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