Standard Life Reveals One in Eight UK Adults Can't Wait for Greater Reward

By Standard Life, PRNE
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EDINBURGH, Scotland, May 26, 2011 -

Standard Life, the long term savings and investments specialist, has
conducted a poll and found that one in eight of UK adults adopt a 'live for
the moment' culture and would choose the instant gratification of a GBP640
holiday this year, rather than be willing to wait five years for a holiday
worth GBP5,000 instead.*

The figures come from Standard Life's UK-wide poll and prize draw**, in
partnership with boutique hotel specialist, which investigates
the nation's attitudes to planning for the future. Entrants have to vote on
which prize they would prefer; a short break this year worth GBP640, or a
holiday of a lifetime in five years time worth GBP5,000.

Standard Life's John Lawson said: "Planning five years ahead is something
many people find difficult to imagine or do their best to avoid. Our poll
shows that some people just seem too impatient to wait for greater rewards in
the future, no matter how enticing they are. But being patient and taking a
long term view on your finances is precisely what helps you achieve your
goals and, ensures you remain financially secure. It might seem easier to
take a short term view, but unless you plan ahead how else can you look
forward to your future with confidence and optimism?"

Standard Life also points out that if everyone was this impatient, the
world would be a far different place. If one in eight of the doctors employed
by the NHS weren't patient enough to finish their studies, the UK would have
14,061 fewer doctors**. Inventions such as the Dyson vacuum cleaner may also
have never been made if the inventor Mr James Dyson had been impatient, as it
took five years to develop the iconic bagless vacuum cleaner***.

Notes to Editors:

* According to the Standard Life poll which ran online until 25 May
, 13% would choose a GBP640 holiday this year rather than a GBP5,000 in
five years' time because they 'don't want to wait five years'. 6213 people
have taken part in the poll so far and 825 (13%) chose a GBP640 holiday this
year rather than a GBP5000 in five years' time for the reason that they
'don't want to wait five years'. A further 1057 (17%) said they wanted the
short break now as they didn't know what they would be doing in five years'

** Daily Mail website

*** 4 Vacuum Cleaner website

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