Stem Cells - Revolutionizing Cosmetic Surgery

By Clinic Ddr. Heinrich, PRNE
Monday, June 27, 2011

VIENNA, June 28, 2011 -

Experts Meet at ICAS Conference in

Esthetic therapies with stem cells from autologous fat are
revolutionizing cosmetic surgery: Ever more women prefer breast
augmentations with autologous stem cells ov
er silicone
implants. The world’
s leading experts recently met at the
ICAS (International Cell Assisted Surgery) Conference in Istanbul
to discuss the therapeutic potential of stem cells from fat

“Stem cell-enriched autologous fat is a safe and sustainable
bioimplant ideally suited for local anesthesia natural, scarless
breast augmentation and body shaping,” says Viennese esthetic and
regenerative stem cell therapy expert DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich,
Europe’s first doctor offering this therapy. At Clinic DDr.
Heinrich® he helps women from all around the world gain larger
breasts, harmonious body contours, and a more youthful face with
stem cell-enriched autologous fat.

Along with presentations by researchers on the latest findings
on adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC) and their esthetic
applications, the conference provided experts with ample
opportunities for professional interaction. Thus DDr. Heinrich
discussed his experiences with adipose-derived stem cells and
potential future applications with Japan’s Prof. Dr. Yoshimura,
Prof. Dr. Illouz, and Dr. Berman.

Doctors all agreed that stem cell enrichment substantially
improves long-term sustainability of tissue implanted in autologous
fat transfers. Also discussed was the greater safety of esthetic
therapies with autologous stem cells over procedures under general
anesthesia thanks to gentle local anesthesia.

In addition to stem cell-assisted breast augmentation, stem
cells obtained from autologous fat deposits form the foundation for
other future-oriented esthetic treatments. For instance, DDr.
Heinrich also uses stem cell-enriched autologous fat for
sustainable body shaping (e.g., buttocks augmentation), correcting
tissue defects, skin rejuvenation over the whole body, and
stem-cell facelifts.

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