STS Group Jumps 14 Places in the 2011 Truffle100 French ISV Ranking

By Sts Group, PRNE
Monday, April 25, 2011

BRUSSELS, April 26, 2011 - The 2011 Truffle 100 French Software Vendor's table was published this
month. It confirms for the 4th successive year STS Group's progression in the
ranking of the top 100 French software vendors. Indeed, in the 2011 table,
STS Group jumps 14 places and is now ranked 17th French Software Publisher
out of 100.

With sales in 2010 of 99MEUR and net profit of 9.9MEUR, STS Group
strengthens even more its leading positioning as expert in the development of
Digital Trust software.

With the announcement of the 2011 truffle 100, CXP also presented the key
IT trends for the year to come:

- Cloud computing : an ongoing revolution;

- Virtualization acceleration in IT systems;

- The Saas wave supported by Cloud ;

- 'Dematerialization' in every sector (aiming for paperless processes);

- BI at the service of business analysis ;

- From IT to Information Management ;

- "Social", bringing a whole new dimension to collaboration ;

- Mobile applications: speeding up adoption;

- Agility and personalisation ;

- Green software: going Green.

Initiated in 2010 already and accelerated in 2011, STS Group has
reinforced the development of its activities around these strategic growing

- Cloud Computing - through its subisidiary Risc Group ITS,

- Saas distribution model - through its STS Saas Manager product
and network of Digital Trust platform partners, present in 18 countries

- Mobile applications - following the acquisition of Codasystem
earlier this year,

- Optimization of business processes - through actives partnerships
with companies specialised in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and
Contact Center space

- Dedicated solutions for SOHO and SMBs - with the launch by Risc
Group INBOX of Confidence Services

About theTruffle100

The Truffle 100 ranks & analyzes the top 100 European and French Software
Vendors (ISVs). It was created in 2006 by Truffle Capital , a leading European Venture Capital firm. The
research is based on data compiled from survey and analysis conducted over
the years by CXP , a Market Research Organization focusing
on Software, IDC, the premier global market intelligence firm, and the Top
100 Research Foundation. More information on:

About STS Group

STS Group is a software publisher and European leader in the digital
trust area. Digital trust includes the authentication, interchange and
"probative value" storage of any digital object. STS Group markets its
software offer via a worldwide network of digital trust platforms. STS Group
recorded in 2010 EUR99m of revenue and profits of EUR9.9m, with EUR64m in
equity. The Company reiterates it does not have the status of Issuer raising
funds from the public and so the share offering can only be made to qualified
investors acting on their own behalf under Article L. 411-2 of the French
Monetary and Financial Code.

More information:

Press contact: Mr. Pierre Leijder, VP Marketing, STS Group, Tel: +32(0)2-482-35-40
Email: pierre.leijder at

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