SUNGROW's 4KW PV Inverter Receives 'A' Rating from Photon

By Sungrow Power Supply Co. Ltd, PRNE
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

HEFEI, China, January 6, 2011 - According to the test results for global PV inverters published in the
November 2010 issue of Photon (German edition), an authoritative magazine in
the world's PV industry recently, the 4KW PV inverter of China's SUNGROW
Power Supply Co., Ltd received the "A" rating from Photon Lab for its
outstanding performance during the test and operation, making it the first
product from China to pass the test and receive the "A" rating.


The SG4KTL PV grid connected inverter is one of the products of the
SG3KTL/4KTL/5KTL series released by SUNGROW into major global markets this
year. Its streamline design and clearly visible HMI provide the greatest
convenience for customer use and installation. According to the test results
from Photon, the conversion efficiency of SG4KTL reached 95.6% and 96.3%
under high and medium radiation levels respectively, both being higher than
the average level of the industry. SG4KTL also performed well in the range of
maximum power tracking voltage, which could be maintained between 210-420V.
SG4KTL received the "A" rating from Photon for its outstanding performance
throughout the overall test.

The product has passed EU's CE certification, Germany's TUV
certification, Italy's ENEL certification, Australia's SAA certification and
the UK's G83/1 certification, etc., and with its outstanding performance
indicators, it is able to meet the operating requirements in major countries
around the world, achieving very good sales results.

As China's largest PV grid connected inverter and leading wind energy
converter manufacturer, SUNGROW has been focusing itself on the R&D and
application of various new products and technologies to improve the
efficiency of products, like inverters, to enhance the performance of the
products and cut down on costs related to the system. The "A" rating given by
Photon to SG4KTL represents another affirmation of an international
authoritative institution for the quality and performance of SUNGROW's PV
grid connected inverter and is another important milestone of SUNGROW on its
path to internationalization.

Raymond Wang, VP of International Business, SUNGROW Power Supply, +86-138-0297-9272

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