Danish Gumlink Setting its Sights on the Global Consumer Healthcare Market With its Nutraceutical Chewing Gum Technology

By Gumlink As, PRNE
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

VEJLE, Denmark, January 6, 2011 - Gumlink is ready to expand the global focus of its patented
Nutraceutical gum technology, which is able to incorporate various
nutritional ingredients.

Approximately EUR 10 million has been invested in technology research and
increased capacity, resulting in improvements in product quality and
Gumlink's competence-base with regards to the inclusion of nutritional active
ingredients. The dosage levels attainable with this nutritional delivery
system are, for such ingredients, at a competitive level in comparison to
pills/capsules and functional beverages.

The efficacy has been documented by bioavailability studies showing that
chewing gum as a novel nutritional delivery system is equally efficient as
pills/capsules for several nutritional ingredients.

The range of possible application areas, within the Consumer Healthcare
and Sports Nutrition segments using this technology are very broad. Concepts
already developed are within; Immune Defense, Weight Management, Joint
Health, Heart Health and Energy. Omega-3 combined with other new ingredients
is also being researched. The core application - Oral Care will see an
enhanced focus during 2011 as Gumlink, in collaboration with strong partners,
will be able to market concepts with a pharmaceutical touch such as
chlorhexidine, oral care probiotics, antacids and also a new concept that in
terms of efficacy comes quite close to matching the good old toothbrush.

Parallel to this development, Gumlink has also been looking into new
types of gum base polymers that stick less to dentures, and are more
degradable than the chewing gum available on the market today.

Looking forward, Gumlink has initiated a product development program
fueled by sister company Fertin Pharma where new concepts will be unveiled
throughout 2011 every quarter. This development program brings together the
gum competences of developing and manufacturing chewing gum for 80 years
(Gumlink), and also the taste-masking competencies of medicinal chewing gum
developed over the last 30 years (Fertin).

Gumlink is also cooperating with leading international ingredient
suppliers that have developed proprietary ingredients supported by solid
documentation and regulatory approvals, and expects to continuously announce
new ingredient supplier partnerships during 2011.

Gumlink CEO, Soren Birn says: "As the consumer choices involved with
healthcare products are broader and more generic than ever before, we are
confident that our unique nutritional delivery system will pave the way for a
fast and consumer friendly adoption as was the case with nicotine chewing
gums in the 90's."

Contact persons: CEO, Soren Birn: +45-72151515, Director, Nutraceuticals, Nils Isbak

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