Take YouTube on Your Dream Holiday - for £1,000 per Hour

By Broadband Genie, PRNE
Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CAMBRIDGE, England, July 7, 2011 -


Despite EC law forcing UK mobile operators to cap data roaming
bills at 50 euros (£45), holidaymakers travelling outside the EU
are still in danger of running up massive charges reaching to
thousands of pounds, warns href="www.broadbandgenie.co.uk/">Broadbandgenie.co.uk.

Mobile broadband roaming prices in the EU can still be very
high, at anything up to £3 per MB, but the cap stops things getting
out of control. Outside the EU, prices can go as high as £7.50
(T-Mobile) or £8 (Orange) per MB. As streaming YouTube videos is
estimated to use around 130Mb per hour, that could be more than
£1,000 per hour!

Popular destinations such as the Caribbean, New Zealand, Turkey,
Australia and India often into the most expensive zones for data,
depending on which mobile operator you are with.

Broadband Genie editor Chris Marling said: “While their websites
proclaim the EU cap as ‘great news for travellers’, many UK
operators only impose it where they are forced to - in EU
countries. Anyone travelling outside, even in the rest of Europe,
needs to make themselves and their families aware of the very real
possibility of bill shock.

“Internet use in the UK is taken for granted by many, especially
as we have some very generous - even unlimited - data deals
available, both on mobile and home broadband. It’s hardly
surprising that some travellers don’t consider the consequences of
using the service abroad.

“We say it to our site visitors every year, but we really wish
we didn’t have to - we see no reason why all the UK’s mobile
operators haven’t done the honourable thing and applied the data
roaming cap across all of their data roaming charges. If they don’t
do it voluntarily, maybe it is time for Ofcom to step in.”


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