Teleste CATVisor EMS 4.0 Integrates Spatial Network Views to its Versatile Features

By Teleste, PRNE
Monday, November 21, 2011

TURKU, Finland, November 22, 2011 -

Teleste, a leading technology provider of broadband video and service platforms, today announced its new CATVisor EMS 4.0 network management system, which will add spatial information to network management. The management system now allows network operators to pinpoint problem areas and faulty network elements on a real world map. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to repair faulty devices and save network management costs.

Other advanced features of the new CATVisor EMS 4.0 include:

  • associating documentation to network elements
  • pinpointing ingress problems and their impact areas on a real world map
  • fully configurable views that can be tailored to include just the right information for each application, task and user.

“For more than twenty years, Teleste has gathered extensive experience on how HFC networks and optical headends should be managed. All this experience has now been poured to the new version of CATVisor network management system,” said Matti Susi, Product Manager at Teleste. “One fact in life is that network problems do occur. How these problems are handled and communicated reflects directly to customer satisfaction. Quickly sending help to the right location and clearly communicating to the concerned customers is much easier by having a comprehensive view on where the problems are located and what the impact area is for the defective element.”

The majority of large European cable network operators are already using Teleste CATVisor software. “After experimenting with several network management systems, we found Teleste software the most comprehensive and focused tool for the job. We have been managing our networks with CATVisor software the past 10 years and we’ve been very pleased how it has enabled us to keep everything under control. We are excited about the new version and can’t wait to benefit of the new features,” Alf Pedersen, Manager of Technical Department at Stofa A/S, Denmark.

Reduce downtime and unnecessary truck rolls

In addition to providing a view to all network elements and their status, the new CATVisor EMS 4.0 attaches spatial information to network elements, showing where the network elements are located on a real world map. Teleste CATVisor EMS 4.0 promises to significantly reduce network management time and costs.

“Having information on the status of network elements is a basic feature in network management systems. However, they often fail to deliver accurate information on where these elements are physically located and what their impact areas are. We are now changing this by providing a spatial view of the network map that intuitively tells where the problem has occurred and how customers are affected. This eliminates guesswork from network maintenance and management, and reduces downtime and unnecessary truck rolls,” Matti Susi continued.

All necessary documentation immediately at hand

Because network downtime is very costly and can have serious impact in customer satisfaction, it is essential that network problems are solved quickly. If documentation is not easily and quickly available, lots of time can be lost and great deal of frustration generated both among the customers and the maintenance crew.

“The CATVisor EMS 4.0 makes it possible to react quickly as it allows documents and links to be associated to network elements in a logical manner.  All documentation - it can be a diagram or a photo of cabinet contents - are related to the corresponding units and easily available in coherent manner.”

Add new perspective to ingress control

In addition to the advanced spatial features, CATVisor EMS 4.0 also helps operators tackle ingress problems. Ingress sources can be challenging to trace as ingress can disappear as quickly as it appears. Despite this temporary nature, ingress can significantly lower subscriber satisfaction. In an ideal situation, ingress problems can be quickly isolated and physically located on a map the operator can see which subscribers are affected by it.

Spatial views add a new perspective to the unique Ingress control system in CATVisor EMS 4.0. The ability to select the map area where ingress control is done makes the process even more intuitive and further speeds up the ingress source location and isolation. Combined with the unique ingress monitoring and suppression features of Teleste ACcess series intelligent network products, EMS spatial ingress control provides additional help in improving data service quality and reliability.


The CATVisor EMS 4.0 is immediately available from Teleste and its partner network.

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